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The performance reports: an introduction
The performance reports: an introduction

Learn how to review the performance of your products, admissions cycles, applications and conversion rates

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To obtain results, you must be able to follow them, and the easier that's made for you, the better! With that in mind, we converted the main metrics related to the performance of your courses and applications into multiple beautiful charts that are easy to understand, nicely organized into a variety of dynamic reports: the Application Performance Report, the Product Performance Report, the Product Conversion Report and the Product Overview Report. πŸ“Š If your work revolves at all around admissions, marketing or recruitment, each is a MUST stop, so below we present them to you! πŸ˜ƒ

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Where can I access the performance reports?

Of course, the obligatory first question: where in FULL FABRIC are these mythical reports to be found? ✨ As one might expect, they're conveniently located: on the sidebar, simply press Analytics and then choose Reports:

The reports are listed in a card-based layout showing the type of graph used to display the main data set, the name of the report, a brief description and a See report prompt. Clicking any part of the card will take you inside the report in question.

You can also access the Product Overview Report from inside a class page, by clicking the tab Overview at the top:

Likewise, the Product Conversion Report can be accessed through a class page by selecting Conversion in the tab bar:

And there you go! 😁

Next, let's look into how each report can help you surface all of the valuable data in our platform to assess your performance and adapt your activities accordingly! ⚑️

What are the reports for?

In short, all of the reports reveal a different but complementary perspective of your school's business development performance. They produce an abundance of hard data to let you know how you're doing and if changes to your strategy are perhaps necessary.

The Product Overview Report

The Product Overview Report zooms in on a program of your choice to look at the respective candidates. It aims to get you better acquainted with the people who've been added to it, including their demographic distribution, to display their evolution across the many lifecycle states that represent your school's conversion funnel. It's chiefly useful for Admission, Recruitment and Marketing teams while the application cycle is ongoing. For more extensive information, please read the article The Product Overview Report.

The Application Performance Report

The Application Performance Report zooms in on a particular application template to discover how many applications have been submitted over time and what's the resultant conversion rate. Like the Product Overview Report, it's primarily useful for Admission, Recruitment and Marketing teams while the application cycle is ongoing. For more extensive information, please read the article The Application Performance Report.

The Product Conversion Report

The Product Conversion Reports zooms in on a given program and class to let you define a sequence of key stages within your sales funnel, kind of like milestones (for example: applicant::submitted ➝ applicant::accepted ➝ applicant::enrolled), in order to calculate the conversion rate between each. For more extensive information, please read the article The Product Conversion Report.

The Product Performance Report

Where the previous three reports zoom in on a specific class or application template, the Product Performance Report zooms out to provide a wide outlook on the number of enrollments that your intakes amassed, all in one page. It's useful during all stages of the recruitment cycle for a quick analysis of how far you are from achieving your targets. For more extensive information, please read the article The Product Performance Report.

And that's it! Each of these reports is updated in real-time to give you an instant overview of where your school is at, so make it a habit to check them often and take corrective action if you're steering off course or losing steam! Soon enough you'll be taking over the world! πŸš€ Do read the aforementioned in-depth articles, though! πŸ˜‰


You have reached the end of this article. Thanks for reading! πŸ€“ If you have any questions or comments on the topic at hand, or if you enjoy reads like this and have article requests, let us know. Also, please leave a rating below. Your feedback is highly appreciated! πŸ’–

​PUBLISHED: March 3, 2021
​LAST UPDATED: January 26, 2022 at 3:18 p.m.

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