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The Product Overview Report
The Product Overview Report

Discover the admissions progress of your classes and the demographic makeup of your candidates

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For most universities and High Ed institutions, if not all, a lot of work and resources are poured into making an application cycle succeed, which begs the question: are your efforts paying off? To help you zoom in on the performance of a given programme and its classes, we created the Product Overview Report! πŸ˜ƒ

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What is the Product Overview Report for?

As the name suggests, the Product Overview Report provides a general outlook of the admissions progress of a given programme, visually representing the number of applicants linked to one or more of its classes during the application stage, week by week or month by month, and what their demographic characteristics are. 🌏 You're offered the opportunity to select a group of intakes to be able to compare them, aiming to shed light on such questions as:

  • Which application cycle performed better in recent years?

  • What's the evolution of my current application cycle?

  • Are my marketing initiatives bringing in results?

  • How is a particular market, gender or age group responding? How do these clusters typically behave?

  • Based on historical data, what goals can I realistically set?

Identifying any discrepancies or, on the contrary, patterns, will allow you to reflect on the underlying reasons and accordingly readjust your recruitment, nurturing and/or marketing strategies, if necessary. For example, by analyzing how a certain market tends to perform, you may be well advised to question whether you should redouble your efforts to conquer it or whether it's a wasted investment that you should drop. πŸ‘‹ By knowing your public, you can target it more effectively instead of squandering time and money attempting to be everything to everyone.

Please note that, for the Product Overview Report to work, you need to define the Applications open on, Applications close on and Class starts on dates for your classes.

How does the Product Overview Report work?

As already explained, the Product Overview Report translates the evolution of the admissions cycle of a designated programme into candidates and their demographic breakdown by making it possible to compare multiple intakes:

Such is accomplished by comparing multiple intakes of the same programme, for which you must select a Product and as many Intakes and Lifecycle states as you're interested in. In turn, this will plot the graphs to reveal your school's upward or downward pattern, thus allowing you to assess if you're currently ahead, behind or on par with the previous classes.

The line chart depicts the number of candidates associated with your chosen intakes and lifecycle states over time, from the moment applications open till the class starts. The horizontal axis represents the passage of Weeks or Months in descending chronological order and in intervals of two, whereas the vertical axis displays the number of applicants.

For instance, inspecting the chart in the images herein, we can gather that the 2022 intake is still ongoing, has 37 weeks to go until the class starts and possesses 163 candidates in the lifecycle Prospect - Started application:

That's a jump of 1.23% over where the figure stood the year before, and 15.18% from since two years before, as indicated by the top-left widget:

It's also an increase of 35.29% over the previous month, but a fall of 9.52% over the one before, as pointed out by the top-right widget:

Finally, the bar graphs let you see the demographics for the selected intakes, namely the Top 10 nationalities, the Gender and the Age:

The information is provided in absolute numbers, not percentages.

Where can I find the Product Overview Report?

There are two paths to the Product Overview Report. 🚘

Option 1:

1) Press Analytics on the sidebar and choose Reports

2) Scroll down until you locate the card that says Product overview and click See report

Option 2:

1) Click Programmes on the sidebar, select a programme and then a class

2) Once inside the class, switch to the tab Overview


You have reached the end of this article. Thanks for reading! πŸ€“ If you have any questions or comments on the topic at hand, or if you enjoy reads like this and have article requests, let us know. Also, please leave a rating below. Your feedback is highly appreciated! πŸ’–

​PUBLISHED: December 6, 2021
​LAST UPDATED: January 26, 2022 at 9:38 p.m.

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