Getting started with Full Fabric

Start here if you are new to Full Fabric

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Data management

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Institution management

Manage your products and staff

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Manage your admissions process with application and evaluation forms

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Candidate choice of courses on their class curriculum

Manage admissions for classes where candidates can choose which courses they study on the class curriculum

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Portal management

Your customer-facing portal

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Communication tools

Send email campaigns and one-to-one emails

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Create forms

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Organise events

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Gain insights from pre-built reports

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Automate recurrent processes and tasks

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Acceptance & enrolment

Automatically create documents with user data in FULL FABRIC, make offers and more

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Academic affairs - Student information system (Full Fabric CORE)

Manage student information

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Finance & payments

Manage application fees and candidate payment plans

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Google Tag Manager

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Best practices

How to boost your productivity using FULL FABRIC, how to work from home more efficiently and how to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in your international admissions

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Set up integrations between Full Fabric and other tools

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System & advanced settings

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GDPR & data processing

Becoming compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

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