When it comes to the admissions process, it's only natural that programmes should have goals to meet – and that being the case, it follows that you should have a high-level, centralized summary of what went on with your intakes. That's precisely what the Product Performance Report is for! 🎉

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What is the Product Performance Report for and how does it work?

Where can I find the Product Performance Report?

What is the Product Performance Report for and how does it work?

The Product Performance Report helps you monitor the performance of each individual product – that being a programme or a short course –, against an acceptable target range established by your team or management. This target range is based on the concept of “capacity”, which can be thought of as the number of enrollments in a given programme.

Essentially, the report compares the minimum (m:), target (T:) and maximum (M:) capacities of a product. The resulting percentage is the proportion of current enrollments out of the total available slots (that is, the maximum capacity). The higher the percentage of enrollments, the better the performance.

To make things clearer, let's consider an example. As seen in the above image, the Bachelor of Business Administration - Class of January 2020 has only got 3 enrollments, yet 10 is the minimum capacity, 30 is the target capacity and 35 is the maximum capacity. As can be observed, it's far below the baseline, meaning that, unfortunately, the intake underperformed. Meanwhile, the Full-Time MBA - Class of September 2020 is visibly close to filling every available vacancy, therefore doing very well! 🏅

Moving on, the list of products displays all products by default, but you may tap Add filter + at the top left-hand corner to restrict your report by Class/course state, Owner and Capacity (Less than the minimum, More than or equal to the minimum, Less than the target, More than or equal to the target, Less than the maximum, More than or equal to the maximum):

There's also a search function to search by product name, like so:

This report is useful during or towards the end of an intake, as the chart will only have data once people are accepted. For instance:

  • How far are we from reaching our set goals?

  • How well did a class perform in relation to the objectives set forth?

  • How does the performance of different programmes compare? Is the disparity simply due to demand, or is it also a reflection of other factors, such as marketing?

  • How does the school's average performance line up with its targets?

  • What should be the vision for the next several intakes?

In other words, this report aims to support you determine the connection between recruitment and marketing efforts and outcome by presenting you the required data in a concise and user-friendly format, which you can then use for benchmarking.

By the way, staff can edit the minimum, target and maximum capacities of an intake in the class Details page. Naturally, different products can have different capacities. 😊

Where can I find the Product Performance Report?

You can access the Product Performance report by following the steps below:

1) Press Analytics on the sidebar and choose Reports

2) Locate the card that says Product performance and click See report


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PUBLISHED: December 6, 2021
LAST UPDATED: January 26, 2022 at 9:48 p.m.

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