Session - A session involves a location, a start and end time, and a lecturer.

Course - A course represents the information for studying a subject for a particular class. Courses can vary from programme-programme and year-to-year as the institution changes the studies that are needed to study a subject. 

Academic term - A collection of courses.

Academic year - A collection of academic terms.

Subject - The representation of the studies of a particular field of study, for instance, English, European History, Mathematics Advanced, etc. Subjects have a code and a name. Subjects are only used as a form of identification and it is courses that represent the practicalities of the study of the subject for a particular time period.

Study plan template - A collection of all of the core and elective study plan courses for a class. The study plan template has a total number of credits that are required in order to be awarded the degree for the programme.

Study plan categories - A category of subjects on the study plan template. Students must take enough subjects to fulfil the required credits for the categories.

Study plan course - A subject on the study plan template which has the following details:

  • The subject type - core / elective

  • The number of credits

  • The number of session hours

  • The maximum number of absences from sessions

Core subject - A subject that is mandatory for the programme certification.

Elective subject - Optional subjects which the student can choose from. Students may need to register for a certain number of elective subjecys in order to fulfil the required credits for the programme.

Transcript - A student’s transcript is the collection of subjects for which the student is registered for. The student’s transcript contains the student’s grades, credits and attendance for each of the courses for the subjects for which they’ve been registered.

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