Does your school invite guest lecturers to speak on campus and enrich the curriculum? If yes, it’s a great strategy to keep sessions lively and stimulating, but with it comes the responsibility to oversee attendance and provide for costs in a timely manner since you’ve got to pay for the lecturers’ hourly salary as well as expenses like travel and accommodation. 💸

Knowing this, FULL FABRIC has made it possible to have billing for lecturers by creating a brand new page on sessions where you can input the fees and expenses of your lecturers and approve or reject that cost based on whether the lecturer showed up and performed their duties. It’s then possible to pull out the information via the API and send it straight to your accounting software to bridge you into fulfilling the transaction.

This is yet another move towards centralisation in a way that works with complementary systems to increase productivity in your office. 🙌 Further details down below!

Where can I find the session lecturer fees and expenses?

To find the new dedicated page:

     1) Click Academics on the sidebar and choose Calendar
     2) Locate the academic year and click the relevant term bar to enter
     3) Access one of the units and go to Sessions
     4) Click the gear ahead each session to access one and lastly go to Costs

How can I introduce costs and approve or reject lecturer costs?

This is the overall process:

     1) If you haven’t already, begin by creating a unit and adding the sessions to the lecturer timetable
     2) Enter a session as per the instructions above and add the lecturers and guest lecturers on Details
     3) Go to Costs, which will be pre-populated with the lecturers defined for the session

Now let’s take a moment to observe the columns here:

NAME — Name of the lecturers, auto-filled with the lecturers you picked on Details.
— If that person was enlisted as Lecturer or Guest Lecturer on Details.
— Agreed salary for delivering the lecture.
— Expense reimbursement to cover a variety of costs such as food, accommodation and travel.
— Total costs, calculated automatically as you adjust the previous values.
— Confirmation post-session that the lecturer attended, gave the lecture and should be paid as stipulated.

So, knowing this:

     1) Before the session, fill in the fees and expenses decided for each lecturer for that particular session, namely who’s gonna cost what (note that the negotiation should happen someplace else, so these are the final figures)
     2) Monitor that the session takes place and that the lecturers speak to the class
     3) After the session, go back to Costs and accordingly approve or reject the payments

To be clear, you should think of the APPROVED or REJECTED ruling as: “This person actually came and did the lecture, so I’m gonna approve the payment. This person didn’t, so I’ll reject payment.” So it’s very much about attendance and fulfilling the lecturer contract.

On a different point, please note that when a wage is approved or rejected it doesn’t automatically reach your accounting program because for that to happen the data needs to be retrieved via the API by your IT team first. 🛫

How do I remove a lecturer?

Removing a lecturer is only possible by doing so on the Details tab, but it’s super simple: just go there, deselect the lecturers and this will automatically sack them from Costs. 😏

However, once a lecturer has costs and they’ve been submitted (i.e., approved or rejected), deleting them is disabled, which is a safety measure to protect your accounting system from getting mixed information, since we don’t know when IT will sync and fetch the data.

How can we activate this feature and set up the API to integrate our accounting software with FF?

Please get in touch with our Support team by starting a chat or emailing 😃


PUBLISHED: October 8, 2018
LAST UPDATED: October 16, 2018 at 3:38 p.m.

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