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UTM lifecycle attribution report
UTM lifecycle attribution report

Understand how your marketing activities are contributing towards conversions

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Do you want to understand how successful your marketing activities are? You can do now do that with Full Fabric's UTM lifecycle attribution report!

Please note that this report requires you to Store UTMs in Full Fabric. Please read the following article for more information on this - Store UTMs in Full Fabric.

What insights does the report give me?

The UTM lifecycle attribution report allows you to see how successful each of your different marketing activities, captured by your UTM campaign, medium and source, are at driving traffic and producing conversions for your different lifecycle states. Ultimately allowing you to see which of your marketing activities lead to your students so that you can manage your marketing spend in successful activities and maximise your marketing ROI!

What does the report look like?

Please see the demo report example below for illustration with some dummy numbers for the first row.

There is a row for each combination of the UTM campaign, source and medium parameters from which you can see the following numbers which came from a URL with those UTM parameters:

  • The number of UUIDs - the number of unique visitors you had on Full Fabric pages

  • The total number of profiles - visitors that were associated with a profile in Full Fabric due to them being authenticated or creating a profile

  • The total number of profiles in each lifecycle state

UTM lifecycle attribution report demo example

Where can I export the report?

To export the report visit the "All profiles" page and go to the additional options and you will see the UTM lifecycle attribution report as an option.

PUBLISHED: May 2, 2024
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