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Store UTMs in Full Fabric
Store UTMs in Full Fabric
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You can now store the UTM source code in Full Fabric. This feature will allow you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimise your lead-generation strategies.

UTM source code is a parameter that can be added to your URLs to identify where your website visitors are coming from. For instance, if you have a Facebook Ad that links to your landing page, you can add a UTM source code such as ?utm_source=facebook to the end of the URL. This way, you can see how many leads came from that specific ad.

With this recent functionality, you can store the UTM source code of each lead in Full Fabric and use it for segmentation, reporting and analytics. You can also create custom automation based on the UTM source code to enrich your lead segmentation and personalise your communication.

It's possible to store all types of UTM parameters such as source, medium, campaign, term and content.

This feature is enabled by default and to view the UTMs stored against each profile, simply access someone's Profile > Advanced > UTMs.

You can also track users while they're visiting your institution's website and store that information against their profile in Full Fabric. To enable this feature, you'll need to add the following code on your website (make sure you replace the [INSTITUTION URL] with your institution website URL. E.g. ):

<script>var d = document; var s = d.createElement("script"); s.src = "https://[INSTITUTION_URL]/tk/t.js" +; d.body.appendChild(s);</script>

We recommend adding this Tag through your Google Tag Manager account. It should be placed on your Google Tag Manager under Tags.

Create a new Tag, set the Tag type to Custom HTML and place the script above.

The trigger should be set to All pages.


We hope this feature will help you improve your marketing performance and reach your enrollment goals. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team at

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