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Strengthen your account with two-factor authentication
Strengthen your account with two-factor authentication

Set up two-factor authentication to offer a stronger access to your account.

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With digital fraud on the rise, cybersecurity is increasingly crucial to safeguard user data and maintain trust. As a result, your school can enable two-factor authentication – get in touch with us if you're interested.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step process that requires two proofs of identity – your password and a verification code sent by SMS –, before access to the portal is granted, adding an extra layer of security. Everyone can use it, from prospects to staff users, but it's never mandatory. In other words, upon 2FA being enabled for the school, it's up to users to enable it for themselves as an individual choice.

Note: Two-factor authentication is not compatible with signing in via LinkedIn or through the authentication via application methods.

How to activate 2FA for your account

1) Click your name and then Settings (or Profile Settings, as appears to staff) in the bottom left-hand corner

2) Jump to the tab Authentication

3) Click Enable on the two-factor authentication section and add your contact (with the country code included)

4) Click Send Token, which will trigger a verification token to enable your 2FA successfully

5) You will receive an SMS with your token. Add the token and click Verify.

Your 2FA is now successfully enabled.

Then, the next time you log in:

1) Insert your details and press Log in as usual

2) Check your smartphone for a text with the verification code

3) Input the verification code under Two Factor Authentication Token and click Log in securely

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