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Use this guide to find information and frequently asked questions about Full Fabric Client Success Service Plans.

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What are client success service plans?

At Full Fabric, we understand that as our client grows, so do their needs. That's why we have introduced service plans, tailored to provide varying levels of support and services to match our clients' requirements. Our service plans are designed as a highly cost-effective way to ensure that clients receive the right level of service and support, in alignment with their growth. There is a service plan for each stage of our clients’ journey.


Having a service plan with Full Fabric ensures that our clients receive timely support and services tailored to their specific needs. Our service plans allow our customers to choose a suitable package based on their size and requirements, ensuring that they always have the right tools and assistance at their disposal. Whether an organisation is just starting out or is well-established, Full Fabric's service plans offer flexibility, comprehensive support, and advanced features to facilitate seamless operations and growth.

What's changing in how Full Fabric supports clients?

Over the years, Full Fabric has been committed to offering the highest quality of services, ensuring that our clients received robust support even through our complimentary offering. As we reflect on our journey, it has become clear that to sustain the level of service quality, responsiveness, and continuous innovation that our customers deserve, we need to adapt our model.

Here's why we've transitioned to paid service plans:

  • Enhanced Quality & Specialised Services: Our new service plans allow us to provide more specialised, tailored services to each client. With dedicated resources for different tiers, we can ensure that the quality of service is enhanced and more aligned with specific client needs.

  • Investing in Infrastructure: The costs ensure that we can continuously invest in better infrastructure, advanced tools, and technologies that will further enhance the client experience and the stability of our platform.

  • Dedicated Resources: By allocating resources according to the service tiers, we ensure faster response times, specialised attention, and a more personalised approach to problem-solving.

  • Continuous Innovation: The technology landscape is always evolving. The revenue from our service plans allows us to invest in research and development, ensuring that we're always at the forefront of the industry, bringing clients the latest features and solutions.

  • Sustainability: To ensure that Full Fabric continues to thrive and support our clients for years to come, a sustainable financial model is crucial. This transition is a necessary step towards that sustainability, allowing us to provide value while ensuring our longevity in the market.

We understand that changes, especially financial ones, can be challenging for our clients. However, we genuinely believe this transition is a significant step forward for all of us. It will enable us to offer our clients even better services, tools, and support in the long run.

Service plan breakdown

Currently we have 3 service plans (the Enterprise plan is rolling out soon) ensuring there is an option for all our clients. This section provides detailed information about the Basic and Premium service plans and their key features.

Basic Plan (free)

Key features

  • Support: Clients can expect a 24-hour support target.

  • Success Manager: Clients will have access to a pooled success manager via email.

What is a 24 hour support target?

A 24 hour support target means we aim to respond to all support requests within 24 hours during our support working hours of Mon-Fri (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM), GMT (London, Lisbon). Please note that this is not a guaranteed target or SLA (Service Level Agreement) which is contractual in nature. In exceptionally busy periods, Full Fabric cannot guarantee we will respond to all requests within 24 hours, that said, as of 31 October 2023, we are currently sending an initial response to all queries within 1 hour and our average issue resolution time is ~30 hours.

What is a ‘pooled’ success manager?

A ‘pooled’ success manager at Full Fabric refers to a customer success management approach where a group of clients shares access to a collective team of success managers, rather than being assigned a specific, individual success manager. Despite this being a basic plan offering, there are benefits to this approach:

  • Cost-Effective: For many educational institutions, especially those just starting out or operating on tighter budgets, a pooled success manager system can be a cost-effective way to receive professional support and guidance without the higher expense of a dedicated success manager.

  • Shared Expertise: Instead of relying on a single individual, clients have the advantage of drawing upon the collective knowledge and expertise of multiple success managers. This pool of managers possesses a diverse set of experiences and skills, which can be advantageous when addressing various challenges.

Will basic plan clients be able to submit feature requests?

We want all clients to drive our product development where they think is best, so these types of feature requests won’t exclude Basic plan clients. That said, Premium/Enterprise service plan clients will have a named CSM and will track/advocate feature requests directly with Product. Whilst this may not necessarily prioritise one feature over another, it will mean that there will be more internal proactive representation of features for such clients.

Can I switch to a paid service plan?

We understand that as our clients grow, so could their expectations of our service offering. If a Full Fabric client wishes to switch plans, this can happen at any time of the year and the cost for the plan will be prorated based on their renewal anniversary.

Premium Plan (paid)

Key features

  • Support: 1-hour critical response and 4-hour support response targets.

  • Services: 8 hours of professional services included.

  • Business Reviews: Bi-annual business review sessions are conducted.

  • Success Manager: Each client is assigned a dedicated success manager.

  • API: Enhanced API support for seamless integrations.

What is a 1 hour critical response and 4 hour support response target?

1-hour Critical Response is reserved for pressing issues that can have immediate and severe implications. The support team prioritises these concerns to respond and start addressing them as quickly as possible within our working hours Mon-Fri (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM), GMT (London, Lisbon).

4-hour Support Response pertains to general support inquiries or less urgent concerns. While they're still addressed promptly, there's a slightly longer window given the less immediate nature of the problem.

Having such tiered response targets for our paid service plan customers continues to ensure that high-priority challenges are tackled swiftly, while other concerns are also addressed in a timely manner.


Suppose Primrose Business School uses Full Fabric to manage student applications, interactions and student data such as transcripts. One day, two different issues arise:

Issue A - Critical Issue: Suddenly, the Full Fabric process for submitting an application on a customers’ Full Fabric instance stops working. Students cannot finalise their applications, potentially leading to lost conversions every minute the problem persists. This is a critical issue that can have immediate financial repercussions and negatively impact the customer experience.

  • 1-hour Critical Response: Recognising the urgency, the customer emails or contacts us via chat. With a 1-hour critical response target, the support team acknowledges the customers’ concern and responds within just 60 minutes, informing them that they are aware of the issue and are actively working on a solution.

Issue B - Non-Critical Support Issue: A customer has noticed that Full Fabric’s reporting feature is not displaying data in a specific graphical format that they prefer. While it's not hindering their daily operations or causing immediate revenue loss, it's a feature they would like to better understand or have adjusted for convenience.

  • 4-hour Support Response: Given the nature of this issue, the client contacts the support team. With a 4-hour support response target, support gets back to the client within four hours, providing guidance on how to adjust the reporting settings or noting their feedback for future software updates.

What professional services can be requested by clients?

The professional services provided by Full Fabric’s customer success and professional services team can be tailored based on the specific needs and preferences of each client. Learn more about the kind of things you can use your ‘included’ hours for, here is a non-comprehensive list of examples:

  • Customised Application Workflows (post-implementation): Our CSMs can help tailor application workflows designed specifically for a university's unique admissions process, including custom fields, stages, and automation rules.

  • Data Migration Services (post-implementation): We can also assist universities in seamlessly transitioning from their old system, ensuring all historical student data, transcripts, recommendation letters, and other relevant records are correctly imported into Full Fabric.

  • Integration Services: CSMs can provide overall consulting on integrating Full Fabric with other university systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), or financial aid platforms to ensure seamless data flow.

  • Training and Workshops: We can conduct specialised/tailored training sessions and workshops for university staff on using the Full Fabric platform, ensuring they can maximise its features and capabilities.

  • Consultation Services: Offering expert advice on best practices for student recruitment, application management, and admissions strategy based on data insights and industry trends.

  • System Optimisation: Regularly reviewing the platform's performance and optimising it based on the university's evolving needs and user feedback.

What is the bi-annual business review?

The bi-annual business review meeting is a structured, periodic meeting between Full Fabric and our paying service plan clients. The meetings could include different departments or teams within the educational institution depending on their Full Fabric setup. The goal of these meetings is to review performance, align on objectives, and strategize for future growth. A business review meeting led by a Customer Success Manager (CSM) will normally consist of the following agenda format but each can be customised based on the current needs of the higher education institution:


  • Welcome participants

  • Review the meeting's agenda and objectives

  • Highlight the purpose and importance of the review.

Performance Overview:

  • Present key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics

  • Discuss accomplishments and milestones achieved since the last review

  • Highlight any challenges or roadblocks encountered and the steps taken to overcome them

  • Address any issues or concerns raised by customers and discuss solutions.

Financial Review:

  • Discuss revenues, expenses, profits, and other relevant financial metrics

  • Compare the actual results to budgeted or forecasted figures

  • Highlight any financial trends or anomalies.

Operational Review:

  • Assess the effectiveness of our service and support workflows

  • Highlight any operational challenges and discuss potential improvements

  • Review resource allocation on client side any upcoming changes.

Strategic Discussion:

  • Review the company's or project's strategic goals and objectives

  • Discuss market trends, competitor analysis, and potential opportunities or threats

  • Brainstorm and align on new initiatives, projects, or strategies for the upcoming period.

Goals and Targets for the Next Period:

  • Set clear, measurable objectives for the next quarter or year

  • Discuss action plans, resources needed, and potential challenges

  • Align on responsibilities and timelines.

What are the benefits of a dedicated Customer Success Manager?

A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) is not just a support representative but a strategic partner focused on ensuring the customer's success, leading to mutual benefits for both the customer and Full Fabric. The top 3 areas our Premium and Enterprise customers benefit from are:

  1. Personalised Service: With a dedicated CSM, customers receive a personalised experience tailored to their unique needs, as the CSM understands their specific goals, challenges, and preferences throughout their Full Fabric journey. For new customers, we try to keep the same CSM that implemented them onwards post-implementation also - this allows for a smooth transition as customers progress on the platform and see the conversions come through.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: A CSM fosters a positive customer experience by being the named go-to point of contact, tracking and resolving any issues proactively, and offering solutions that align with the client’s objectives. As part of the enhanced customer experience, there are a few things to call out here:

    1. Continuous Engagement: CSMs maintain regular communication with Full Fabric customers, ensuring they are engaged, informed, and making the most of the product or service.

    2. Valuable Feedback Loop: CSMs gather feedback directly from customers, offering invaluable insights that can guide product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions. Underpinning all of this is consistent communication where having a dedicated point of contact reduces potential misunderstandings, repetition and fostering better collaboration.

    3. Proactive Problem Solving: Instead of waiting for issues to arise, a dedicated CSM can help anticipate potential challenges and address them proactively.

    4. Onboarding Assistance: A dedicated CSM can streamline the client onboarding process, ensuring new staff quickly understand and start benefiting from the Full Fabric platform.

  3. Strategic Consulting: Beyond just operational help, CSMs can offer strategic advice, helping customers align their use of the product or service with their broader goals and objectives.

What does “enhanced API support” mean?

The Full Fabric platform can be integrated with other applications using our Application Programming Interface (API). The Full Fabric API is not ordinarily available to Basic plan customers and we do not provide dedicated support for the API to customers on the Basic plan. Customers on the Premium or Enterprise service plans benefit from the option to query their CSM on the API and additionally, where necessary, receive consulting and guidance from our Product and Engineering team for complex API questions.

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