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Candidate choice of courses on their class curriculum
Define course selection requirements on the application form via the class study plan
Define course selection requirements on the application form via the class study plan

Learn how to set up your study plan and

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The class study plan contains all of the possible courses that a student could study on a programme and from which student transcripts are built.

The following article contains information about how requirements

Please see the following article for further information on setting up a study plan -

Class study plan example

Course types - Core/Elective/Extracurricular

There are three different types of course types - Core/Elective/Extracurricular - each of these have different requirements for the application form depending on the course credit requirement selection on the application template.
Please see the following article for more information on course credit requirements -

For application forms without course credit requirements:

  • Core courses must be selected

  • Elective group requirements must be fulfilled

  • Extracurricular subjects do not appear

Application without course credit requirements

For application forms with course credit requirements:

  • The course credit requirements must be fulfilled

  • Selection of Core and Elective courses are optional

  • An elective group's requirements must be fulfilled if an elective course for that group is selected

Application with course credit requirements

Elective groups

Defining elective group requirements

To edit a group of elective subjects, just press the vertical ellipsis on the top-right corner of the group in question, and from the ensuing dropdown menu select Elective group settings, Rename elective group or Delete elective group:

Elective group settings lets you put restrictions on the number of elective subjects that students can select on the application form.

Adding additional groups of elective subjects

If you have a class with groups of elective subjects with different requirements then you can add multiple elective groups.

To do so, click the vertical ellipsis on the top-right corner of the Elective Subjects box and choose Add elective group:

Course prerequisites

If the courses need to be studied in a certain order then you can set the prerequisites of a course. A course's prerequisites must be selected before the course can be selected.

Study plan with prerequisites

Application with prerequisites

Define a course's prerequisites

To define the prerequisites of a course, edit the course and you will find the prerequisites field. You have the option to select multiple courses or elective groups as prerequisites. If you select an elective group as a prerequisite then the group requirements must be fulfilled.


Paths allow candidates to choose between different "paths" of a programme, where each path has a specific subset of courses, of which courses may or may not overlap between different paths. For example for an "Executive leadership certificate" programme you could have a "Large corporations" and a "SMEs" path where the courses specifically focus on those two different areas of focus.

Setting up paths

To define the paths simply go to the study plan settings and define the names of the multiple paths.

Seeing the courses in a path

Then you will see these paths appear and you can switch between the courses in each path.

Adding a course to a path

When you edit a course you will have the option to define which paths and the course type for each path. It's possible to have a course as a Core course in one path and an Elective in another path.

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