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Learn where to record the particulars of a candidate's affiliation with a class

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One of the definitions found in the Cambridge Dictionary for the word "journey" is β€œa set of experiences that someone has over a period of time, especially when they change the person in some way”, and the sense in which we use the term in Full Fabric isn't far off. Read on to find out what class journeys are! πŸ˜‰

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What is a journey?

Whenever a profile is added to a class or a course, in Full Fabric we call the ensuing process and activities a "journey". Put differently, whatever happens between the applicant and that class is a "journey", and if an applicant happens to be added to multiple classes, he or she will have multiple "journeys". πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

In addition to having a descriptive function – to designate a particular time and process –, the concept of "journeys" also serves a practical purpose, which we will discuss in the following topic.

What is a journey schema?

As previously mentioned, we see the addition of a profile to a class as the beginning of a new, independent journey. However, it doesn't stop there, and whenever a profile is added to a class, a new custom schema is generated on the profile Info tab to record information pertaining to the applicant's progress and activities in that specific class – unique details such as registration ID, track, schedule, and so on.

This is what we refer to as the "journey schema", and profiles have one for each class that they're in, with the goal of keeping information organized, focused and easily accessible. πŸ—‚ To this end, it's also possible to export journey fields in class lists, use them as merge fields in documents, and map application fields to journey fields.

An example is in order. On the left side of the below image are two journey schemas – one for the MSc in Finance and Accounting Class of 2025, highlighted in orange, and one for the MSc in Finance and Accounting Class of 2024, highlighted in aquamarine:

Journey schemas are completely customizable, but only by Full Fabric, so if you need any changes, please contact us and we'll make them for you. Having said that, please note that the schema is identical for every class and course, just like how the profile Info schema is identical for everyone. 😊


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​PUBLISHED: November 15, 2022
​LAST UPDATED: December 21, 2022 at 6:27 p.m.

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