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How to enable late applications
How to enable late applications

Learn how to allow an applicant to continue working on their application after the deadline has passed

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If rules are meant to be broken, then deadlines are meant to be flexible – just you provide the reasons, and we'll provide the solutions. Enabling late applications in Full Fabric – in other words, letting a candidate resume and then submit his or her application after the application period has ended –, is actually super easy and straightforward, so let's jump right in and see how it's done! 😃

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Method #1: Extending the deadline for a specific candidate

If you only want to let a specific candidate apply late, simply do the following:

1) Access the Advanced tab of that applicant's application form

2) Check Allow late application

3) Set a date of your choosing

Upon signing in, the candidate in question will then find the application open on the application portal, while the application will remain closed for those who weren't granted an extension of the deadline. 🚫

You can follow this method for multiple individuals, of course, but the more people you need to repeat it for, the more time-consuming, as it requires you to visit each and every unsubmitted application form to manually set a new deadline. For larger groups of applicants, we recommend considering the next method.

Method #2: Sharing a direct link to the application

It's possible to let people continue to work on an application past the deadline by sharing a direct link to the application template. When dealing with large numbers of applicants, this is arguably the most practical approach. 🚀

Every application template has its own URL, and there are up to two ways of obtaining it, as described in another article: How to send applicants directly to an application form.

Once you have the URL, just pass it on to the appropriate applicants. 😉

Important information: if the application template is open, the URL can be used to start a new application or resume an existing one; but if the application template is closed, the URL will only work for users with started applications in order to let them resume and submit them.

How do I extend the deadline for someone who hasn't started an application yet?

Typically, deadlines are prolonged for applicants that need more time to complete and submit their applications, but in the rare instance that someone wasn't even able to start their application on time, there's also a course of action for that. A note of warning, though: you must act fast. ⏱

1) Reopen the application template and the class

2) Start the application on the applicant's behalf

3) Immediately undo the first step to prevent other applicants from unduly starting an application

Breathe now. You may proceed at your regular pace. 😛

4) Extend the deadline through either one of the previously indicated methods, and the applicant will be able to take it from there 💪

Why is the option "Allow late application" locked?

If the option Allow late application, discussed in the first topic of this article, is locked, it's probably because the application template that the candidate's application is based on doesn't currently have a deadline, regardless of its state or the state of the class. Naturally, it's only possible to define a later deadline if there's a standard deadline to begin with. Therefore, please ensure that the application template has a deadline by entering a date in the field Deadline that's located under the tab Details of the application template:


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PUBLISHED: April 29, 2022
LAST UPDATED: May 18, 2022 at 4:42 p.m.

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