For applicants who know which programme they want to apply for, you may want to send them directly to the relevant application form instead of a page on your Student Hub. This article explains how to do it.

If you have the authentication via application feature

If your school has the authentication via application feature enabled, simply open the application template you want to link to, and, under the tab Details, refer to the third field: Application form link. Click Copy link to quickly copy the URL to your clipboard, as demonstrated in this screenshot:

Whenever a candidate starts an application via the direct URL without being signed up, a dialog is triggered requesting their email address in order to link the application to their profile or identify if they're a new user (in which case a new profile will be automatically created). For candidates who haven't yet defined their privacy preferences, this will be followed by a second modal to obtain their agreement to the privacy policy. The privacy policy must be accepted for access to the application form to be granted.

If you don't have the authentication via application feature

If the authentication via application feature isn't enabled for your school, there's an alternative way to send applicants directly to an application form. Concretely, by creating a URL with the below structure:

Two elements must be updated for every application template:

  • For starters, to create the link to your application, replace with the URL of your Full Fabric instance;

  • Next, replace the ID between templates/ and /start (5a0c466972bbfd254a000345) with the ID of the application template you want to link to.

You can find the respective application template ID by accessing the application template's editor and inspecting the URL in your address bar. The code you're looking for (in other words, the ID) will be sandwiched between #applic-templates/ and /details. For example:

Please note that applicants will still be sent directly to the application even when they create an account and log in for the first time.


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LAST UPDATED: October 11, 2021 at 11:03 a.m.

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