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Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. 🌈 Sharing responsibilities tends to have all kinds of benefits, such as boosting productivity, taking advantage of different skill sets, and so on – thus, it shouldn't come as a surprise that in Full Fabric it's possible to assign tasks to others and to oneself. Keep reading to learn how! πŸ˜ƒ

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Why use Full Fabric for task management?

Full Fabric's task management solution is designed to help teams easily organize and track their work when it comes to nurturing leads, and, on the whole, engaging with their audience, letting people know who's doing what and when in the overall process of applicant conversion. It's a collaborative to-do list with an eye for simplicity, so that you don't spend more time managing it than getting your to-do's done! πŸš€ With it, you can:

  • Create tasks with just a few clicks;

  • Include descriptions and due dates;

  • Assign tasks to a teammate or yourself;

  • See which tasks are assigned to whom;

  • See which tasks are near, due later or overdue;

  • Get daily real-time updates straight in your inbox about your outstanding tasks;

And more! Below we explore the aforementioned items in greater detail.

How can I create and assign tasks?

Creating a task is very easy. πŸ₯³ Just follow the steps below:

1) Access the profile of the prospect, applicant, student or alumnus that the task is supposed to concern

2) Switch to the tab Tasks

3) Click the button Add a task

4) Insert the appropriate details

  • CHOOSE CATEGORY β€” The type or channel of communication through which the task should be conducted. The default is None, in case it's not particularly important and/or you want to leave it up to the task doer, but the other options are Call, Email, Follow up, Lunch and Meeting.

  • TITLE β€” The description of the task, which should be concise and objective.

  • WHEN IS IT DUE? β€” The deadline of the task (this is a date field).

  • ASSIGNED TO β€” The task user that's to be in charge of carrying out the task.

5) Lastly, click Create task

The task will be promptly added to the list with all of the relevant info displayed: the author of the task (Joyce O.), the coworker it's assigned to (Aaminah K.), the means of communication (the phone icon), the person that the task is about (the prospect Nova Mae Everly), the indication of what's to do (Invite to Open Week), and the respective deadline (on or until Wednesday Feb 23, 2022). Simultaneously, the assignee will be automatically notified by email:

As previously alluded to, you're able to assign tasks to yourself and thus take an active role in your own to-do list, which is an idea we explore in another Help Center article: Quick tips to boost your productivity using Full Fabric.

Where can I see my and other people's tasks?

There are two locations where you can view and peruse existing tasks. Predictably (if you've read the previous topic), one of them is the profile Tasks tab:

You can toggle between the default My tasks and All tasks to refine your view.

The other location is right on the homepage, where you can also find a general version of the Task tab:

To recap the structure of the list: from the left, you firstly have the creator of the task, then the executant, then an icon representing the type of task to fulfill (for example, a meeting), then the candidate, then the description of the task, and then, finally, the due date. Whenever the name of the creator isn't shown, it's because the assignee was also the creator, using tasks as self-reminders; and whenever the type of task isn't shown, it's because it wasn't specified.

Again, you may switch the Filter in the upper right-hand corner to All tasks, as My tasks is the default:

To help you prioritize your work, the system always divides tasks according to the number of days left until the task's due date, forming separators such as OVERDUE, TODAY, TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK and LATER, as can be observed in many of the above images. ⏳

How can I complete a task?

Marking a task as completed is extremely straightforward! 😁 Whether you finished it ahead of time, on the very last day or even late, it doesn't matter to Full Fabric, because at any moment you're able to access the Tasks tab, either through the homepage or a profile, and simply tick the checkbox of the task in question:

The task will then be permanently removed from the list:

To help with the actual execution, staff users are sent a daily reminder of their to-do list:

Can I edit the content of a task?

If you double-click on a task's description, the task will become editable.


You have reached the end of this article. Thanks for reading! πŸ€“ If you have any questions or comments on the topic at hand, or if you enjoy reads like this and have article requests, let us know. Also, please leave a rating below. Your feedback is highly appreciated! πŸ’–

PUBLISHED: February 1, 2022
​LAST UPDATED: September 5, 2022 at 10:57 a.m.

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