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How to enable built-in integrations in Full Fabric
How to enable built-in integrations in Full Fabric

Learn how to enable an integration with a third-party service, such as Flywire, Zendesk and more

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When setting up an integration, turning it on in Full Fabric is the ultimate step, so learn how to accomplish it here!

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How do I enable an integration in Full Fabric?

Prerequisite: obtaining your account identifier

For Full Fabric to connect to any of the available built-in integrations in our roster, authentication is obviously paramount. Therefore, you'll need to have your identification at hand – usually a unique string of characters that verify your school's account and you as its holder, also granting Full Fabric permission to exchange data. 🔑 Depending on the app in question, it may be one or multiple keys and go by different names, like Client ID, Token and so on. The individual articles about the platforms, found here, shed light on their respective details, but you may also find a quick list below of which services we integrate with and the required credentials.

Setting up the integration

To activate an integration, kindly follow the below instructions:

1) Click the gear in the upper right-hand corner and choose General settings

2) Enter the tab Integrations

3) Browse through the list of third-party services and click the arrow next to the one you're presently interested in

4) Tap the button Disabled to change it to Enabled

5) Lastly, insert the authentication code(s)

Some platforms have slightly different processes. For example, DocuSign has an Authenticate button in place of the Disabled button, which takes users to DocuSign's login page because they must sign in to their DocuSign accounts in order to link them to Full Fabric. Rest assured, this is explained on the individual pages for these services under the Integrations tab.

If you don't have access to the Integrations tab, please send us an email at or start a chat to tell us which specific integration you'd like to turn on and provide the respective authentication code(s), and we'll activate on your behalf.

Which services can I integrate with and what are the required account identifiers?





App ID & Secret key



Social media

Client ID & Client secret


Container ID


Tracking ID


Publishable key, Secret key & Signing secret


Username, Password & Signature




Token & Secret key


Account ID & Impersonated Profile ID


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PUBLISHED: June 3, 2021
LAST UPDATED: March 13, 2023 at 6:17 p.m.

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