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Proxy registrations for HR professionals
Proxy registrations for HR professionals

Allow HR professionals to submit registrations on behalf of other employees

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When it comes to Executive Education and other professional education courses, where it's common to see companies invest in the training and development of employees, we understand that human resources professionals and secretaries will often be charged with handling the resulting registrations. With this in mind, Full Fabric has made it super easy for people to apply on behalf of others – a process we call proxy registrations! πŸ˜ƒ

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What's a proxy and what's a proxy registration?

In short, a proxy is a person who starts a registration for somebody else. Typically, that person will be a human resources assistant, a secretary, or an agent, who exists in Full Fabric as a contact profile for a given organization – the reason being that proxies must be created as organization contact profiles. In this scenario, the applicants are the applicants of the proxy: in other words, the people on whose behalf the application is being filed and who are going to be studying the course.

By extension, a proxy registration is any registration done by a person on behalf of another, which includes starting, filling, and submitting the form. As earlier mentioned, this concept is primarily useful in the context of non-degree awarding professional education.

Registrations can only be started for inexistent or inactive profiles, that is, profiles automatically created by the system or manually created by staff whose owner never signed in (read this article if you don't know the difference between a profile and an active user). In other words, we don't allow registrations to be started for active users who've logged in at least once before.

What follows is that, when a registration is started on behalf of a person who doesn't yet have a profile in Full Fabric, a new profile is automatically created for them; however, if an inactive profile already exists, the registration is simply linked to it. It's also important to note that, although proxies can fill out registration forms on behalf of other people, they can't retrieve any existing profile information.

Lastly, proxies can also start registrations for themselves and be simultaneously a contact and an applicant. In fact, there's no limit to how many users proxies can start registrations for.

How are proxies and proxy registrations created?

Creating a contact profile

By definition, a proxy must be an organization contact. Consequently, staff needs to add the would-be proxy as a contact to an organization and request that the individual in question sign up using the same email address, whereupon they'll be automatically linked by the system to the existing contact profile. Alternatively, if the person already signed up beforehand as a prospect, their profile can still be converted into a contact one by being added as a contact to an organization after the fact. There are two ways to create contact profiles:

  • By visiting an organization and using the Add a contact function:

  • Or by visiting an existing profile, adding a professional experience entry and checking the box CREATE AS CONTACT FOR THEIR ORGANISATION:

Meanwhile, it's very easy to identify if a profile is a contact profile thanks to the label Contact, located underneath the profile's name:

The aforementioned label can also be found in the experience entry for which the profile is a contact:

Creating and managing a proxy registration as a contact profile

Most of the process of starting a proxy registration is identical to that of a candidate applying for themselves.

  • If you're starting from the portal:

1) Log into your contact profile, look for the Registration widget and click Start registration

2) Define the appropriate Registration options and press Continue

3) Select I am starting a registration on behalf of someone else (which turns your profile into an organisation contact, if it wasn't already)

4) Input Your employment details (Job title, Organisation, Department, Description, Start date and End date) and press Submit at the bottom of the modal

5) Lastly, insert the applicant's Email, First name and Last name and tap Continue (at which point the system will validate whether an active profile with that email already exists or not)

If a profile already exists, you'll get the error Someone already registered with that email address and be unable to proceed:

But if it's a new profile, you'll be redirected to the registration form! πŸš€

By the way, when you select I am starting a registration for myself without having been associated with any organisation first, the system assumes that you're merely an applicant and never prompts the modal again. But, as previously stated, if you're not an organisation contact yet but take the option I am starting an application on behalf of somebody else, the system automatically makes you a contact for the organisation whose employment details you enter in the next step. In addition, it'll keep enquiring about your intentions any and every time that you start a new registration. In contrast, if you're an organisation contact and select I am starting a registration for myself, you preserve your position as a contact, but also become a candidate

  • If you're using the application form link to start the registration:

1) Authenticate with your Email address so that the system can verify whether or not you already have an account in Full Fabric

2.1) If you're a returning user, enter your Password and click Continue to registration

2.2) If you're a new user, share your First name and your Last name and tick I accept the privacy policy, after which you must press Continue to application

Step 3 and onwards is the same as when you start from the portal, so just follow the instructions above.

  • If you're a returning contact who already has one or more started registrations that you wish to resume:

1) Log in to Full Fabric

2) Click My Registrations on the sidebar

3) Access the registration form in question

To expand a bit on this, the My Registrations area is a list of every registration that, as a contact, you created for somebody else. Therefore, it's only available to organisation contacts, and if no registration exists, it's not displayed on the navigation.

As can be observed, each item has a status indicator to the left of it, plus an arrow icon ( > ) that acts as a direct shortcut to the registration form. Contacts can have multiple registrations in progress for many participants, including multiple registrations per candidate.

Since, where contacts are concerned, the My Registrations overview is essentially the management centre of proxy registrations, it's like Rome in the proverb "all roads lead to Rome". πŸ›£ Thus, even if you sign in as an organisation contact and attempt to start a new registration, once the system recognises your identity, a third option is added to the model where you determine who to register for: I am continuing an existing registration.

If you select it, you're automatically redirected to the My Registrations area.

Creating a proxy registration as a staff member

You might be surprised to find out that staff users are able to start a registration on behalf of a proxy. To do so:

1) Access the pertinent contact profile

2) On the right sidebar, tap Options and then Start application

3) After selecting the APPLICATION TEMPLATE, the PRIMARY PROGRAMME & CLASS, and the course, tick SOMEONE ELSE under I AM STARTING REGISTRATION FOR, insert the candidate's details, and click Start application

That's it! 😎

How can staff members track proxy registrations?

When a proxy registration is created, four indicators are visible on the staff side.

One of them is in both the profiles of the proxy and of the candidate, where the application is listed on the right sidebar featuring the info of who started it and – exclusive to the contact profile –, who it belongs to:

As a side note, the names link to the respective profiles. πŸ”—

Similarly, a Latest activity story is generated in both profiles:

Thirdly, you can see who started or submitted applications through the STARTED BY and SUBMITTED BY columns:

If a candidate started the application themselves, they'll just see their own name.

Last, but not least, you can build a segment around who started or submitted an application: namely, an applicant, a staff user or a proxy. You can't search for a particular name, but rather the type of "author":

Registration submission notifications

When a proxy submits an application on behalf of the candidate, the default registration submission email is sent to the candidate as normal.

That said, you can set up an automated workflow inside the Automations tab of a registration template to also notify the proxy:

Please note that the substitution tags in emails e.g. |first_name| will refer to the profile to whom the email was sent. So for example if a proxy submits an application for an applicant and an application workflow with a "send email to proxy" and "send email to profile" (applicant) then:

  • the email sent to the proxy will be populated with the proxy's details e.g. |first_name| is populated with the proxy profile's first name

  • the email sent to the applicant will be populated with the applicant's details e.g. |first_name| is populated with the applicant profile's first name

Please note that it's possible to use application substitution tags such as for the primary programme choice in both emails to proxies and applicants.

Please also note that it is not currently possible to populate the email to the proxy with the applicant's details, and it's not possible to populate the email to the applicant with the proxy's details.

How to enable proxy registrations in Full Fabric

Proxy registrations aren't an additional paid-for feature, but they're not activated by default. If you're interested, drop us a line at and we can activate it for you! πŸ“¨

Proxy registrations are enabled on a per-registration template basis, meaning that you can specify whether a given template is only available to profiles or also contacts.


You have reached the end of this article. Thanks for reading! πŸ€“ If you have any questions or comments on the topic at hand, or if you enjoy reads like this and have article requests, let us know. Also, please leave a rating below. Your feedback is highly appreciated! πŸ’–

PUBLISHED: June 1, 2021
​LAST UPDATED: July 29, 2021 at 10:49 a.m.

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