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Use QR codes to automatically mark event attendance
Use QR codes to automatically mark event attendance

Discover the benefits of using QR codes in your events

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Do you struggle with marking event attendance? Unfortunately, registering for an event doesn't necessarily guarantee that the registrant is going to attend, and often staff is left with the funless task of recording event attendance on a spreadsheet and importing it to FULL FABRIC. But what if there was a better way to do that? Something… automatic?

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Meet QR codes

As you may already know, a QR code is a type of 2D barcode that's able to encode complex data and be quickly read by camera-enabled smartphones, tablets and other electronics by just pointing the camera at the code.

The way they work to make your life easier in FULL FABRIC is that you can add a QR code as a substitution tag to the event registration confirmation email and the subsequent event reminders, and the tag will generate a different code for every registrant. During the event, have a tablet or a smartphone on the ready, and as long as the attendees present one of the email messages they received, you'll be able to scan it and immediately impart to the portal that the person attended the event. It's a fast and secure way to authenticate entries, including guest ones! Neat, right? 🤩

Just make sure that:

  • Your tablet or smartphone has a working camera that can act as a QR code scanner 🤳🏻

  • You have a built-in or third-party app to decode QR codes in your tablet or smartphone (most camera apps can read QR codes natively now) 📲

By the way, you may not have access to this feature by default; just get in touch with us if that's the case!

How to add a QR code to your event's registration confirmation email

Visit this article for detailed instructions. 🙏

How to scan QR codes to record the attendees of your event

Come here and scroll down to How to scan QR codes to check people in to find out. 😉


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PUBLISHED: December 4, 2020
LAST UPDATED: May 31, 2021 at 8:29 a.m.

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