How do I report a bug?

Learn how to report a bug and stay informed

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As with any software, there will come a time when’ll you run into a bug in FULL FABRIC, i.e., an error where the system fails to perform as supposed. 🐞 If you’re reading this, that’s likely your situation right now. Learn below how to report a bug and follow up on it!

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How do I report a bug?

To report a bug, start a conversation for live chat support in the Messenger app at the bottom right-hand corner of the portal or email us at We normally reply within a few hours, unless we're experiencing a higher than usual volume of queries. 🙂

When reaching out to us, please include the following information:

  • The location where the bug was observed (preferably the URL)

  • Whether it's the web or mobile version of FULL FABRIC, or both

  • Who's being affected

  • A step-by-step summary, along with screenshots or recordings, to walk us through what's happening on the aggrieved party's end

  • A screenshot or a transcription of the error message, if one exists

  • The date when the bug was first detected

  • What web browser was used

Essentially, we need to know what sort of problem is occurring and what's triggering it, so the more thorough your initial account is, the more helpful in moving us in the right direction and expediting a solution – even more so because it prevents unnecessary back-and-forth communication! 😃

When can I expect a fix to be deployed?

It's hard to promise a timeline, so we typically refrain from doing so. Broadly speaking, our course of action after a bug is reported is to reproduce and investigate it; discuss it internally to establish how disruptive and impactful it is and what a resolution would entail in terms of technical aspects, time and human resources; and then evaluate it against our current roadmap. Depending on the complexity of the issue, this may be a collaborative effort involving multiple elements of the Support, Product and Development teams. Bugs tend to be prioritised based on severity, frequency and reach, in a balancing act between new and outstanding issues, critical and less critical vulnerabilities, and other projects around new features and improvements. Consequently, there's no standard timeframe for a bug fix. Once the triage is complete, we'll let you know if the bug was marked for prompt repair or if it's gonna take longer. ⏰ Rest assured, we'll do our best to at least provide a workaround or a temporary solution to your immediate needs!

How can I follow up on a fix?

You're welcome to write to us anytime you're looking for news by the same means indicated above, but you can also stay up to date with our releases through our changelog, updated monthly. Still, it's our custom to write back to the original clients who reported a bug to inform them of its correction. 😊


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PUBLISHED: August 11, 2020
LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2020 at 5:21 p.m.

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