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How to create a campaign – Part 3 – Define your audience
How to create a campaign – Part 3 – Define your audience

Learn how to set the recipients of your campaign by building an audience segment

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To send a campaign you need recipients – the people whom the content of your email concerns –, and in order to identify your target audience you must build an audience segment in the Audience tab. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

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What is an audience segment?

An audience segment is the people you want to target with a campaign. The way segments work is that you tell the portal what you want by laying out attributes that your readership must share in common, and FULL FABRIC will produce an exportable list of everyone that fits the criteria.

How do I define the audience segment of a campaign?

You've got two options: build a new segment from scratch just for that particular campaign or use an existing segment.

Build a new segment

If you're interested in building a new segment from scratch, hit the option Build a new segment and then read from here onwards to learn how.

Segments that are built on the campaign Audience tab are exclusive to that campaign and cannot be reused elsewhere.

Upload an existing shared segment

Shared segments is an area in FF where you can create segments not tied to any campaign in particular, the purpose being that you can employ them in as many campaigns as you want to save precious time and energy. Additionally, duplicating an existing segment into a campaign lets you make custom changes to ensure it's an ideal match for your needs. These custom changes won't pass on to the original segment.

To copy and edit an existing segment:
​     1) Press choose an existing segment
     2) Filter by team, staff member or All and optatively use the search bar to locate the shared segment you're interested in and select it

     3) To conclude, press Copy & edit segment

TIP: Hold CTRL/CMD to multi-select and upload more than one shared segment. If you wish you could mix AND and OR interrelations in the same segment, this presents a workaround in that you can break your rules into smaller segments with different logics and upload all of them into your campaign.

As has been mentioned, you can make unique custom changes to uploaded shared segments. Read from here to learn how to operate segment rules.

I've built a new segment/uploaded a shared segment, but now I want to redo everything.

Just click the aptly named Start over button at the top of the page to nuke all of the rules and be left with a clean slate. 💣

View, export and bulk unsubscribe the results of a segment audience

Come here to learn all about this!


PUBLISHED: November 12, 2018
LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2020 at 2:27 p.m.

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