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How to create a campaign – Part 2 – Write your message
How to create a campaign – Part 2 – Write your message

See how to build a new email template or copy and edit a shared email template, use external HTML and avoid image quality loss upon upload

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Let’s have some fun, shall we? 😁 Previously we learned how to start a campaign and configure basic settings, but now it's time to roll up your sleeves and summon your artistic streak – we're about to learn how to design effortless, sophisticated emails! 👨‍🎨

Out of the four tabs inside the campaign builder, this article discusses the Message tab.

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How do I start a new email message?

Go inside the Message tab and click the button Build a new email template. This will launch the content editor and an entirely blank message – your white canvas to work from.

How do I design a unique email message from scratch?

As has been mentioned before, FULL FABRIC lets you design "effortless, sophisticated emails" thanks to our smooth email builder, inside the Message tab, so come here to be shown how and let your creativity bloom! ✨ 🌼 ✨

How can I copy and edit a shared email template?

When creating the message of a campaign, traditionally it's been possible to write an email from scratch or use a shared email template, but not to edit an existing template on the go, so staff had to create a replica every time a small or big change was in order.

That’s all in the past now, because it’s finally possible to open an existing template and edit it from inside the campaign! 🤩 To do so:

     1) Enter a campaign and go to the tab Message
​     2) Click choose an existing template, select the template and click Copy & edit template

This will create a unique and editable copy of the shared email template and changes made to it won't impact the original template. 👍

I'm unhappy with my draft. How can I restart anew?

If you're absolutely positive that you wanna do away with the message you were working on and go to the drawing board, at any point of any design you can scroll up and click Start over.

This will irreversibly bring you to square one, having to choose between the options Build a new email template and choose an existing template and so on.


PUBLISHED: November 12, 2018
LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2020 at 2:19 p.m.

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