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Prepare your file – Part 3: Actions with requirements (ADVANCED)
Prepare your file – Part 3: Actions with requirements (ADVANCED)

Learn what are the data requirements for actions such as add to class and create a note

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Actions with requirements are actions composed of sets of fields whereby a full set must be filled out to accomplish a certain action. Put differently, every field must be a column in your file because leaving out data will thwart the action.

Most imports don't need this, so more often than not you'll be able to skip this part. However, when it's useful… it's really useful! 👌

Just check below to find a list of performable actions and which columns are required!

Since this is a bit more advanced, feel free to ask assistance from our Support team to ensure that your file is import-perfect! 😃


PUBLISHED: October 2, 2018
LAST UPDATED: October 6, 2021 at 12:39 p.m.

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