Introduction to imports

An overview of how you can import data into FULL FABRIC and why it's a cornerstone of success for your school

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Nothing can be managed without data, right? That’s like trying to make bricks without clay! And managing the entire student lifecycle entails lots of data – there are leads to import, business contacts to add, attendance to update, and so on – just thinking about it can be a tad overwhelming! 😵 What follows is that you definitely need a reliable way to do imports since they’re gonna be a staple of your work routine.

You know this of course, but so do we! And because of that, we present you our beautiful Imports tool, directly sourced from customer feedback and designed for clarity. 🤗 

This is what you can do with Imports:

  • Enjoy a sequential step-by-step importer that guides you from beginning to end

  • Accurately map the fields between your CSV file and FULL FABRIC

  • View a summary of your work before importing to make amends or proceed

  • Record the data processing consent and marketing preferences of your data subjects for GDPR compliance (please see our GDPR section for more information)

Importing has never been easier, so follow along to learn about the different types of imports that you can do, where to go and how to import!


PUBLISHED: October 2, 2018
LAST UPDATED: September 5, 2019 at 10:19 a.m.

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