Updating the state of candidate profiles in bulk

How to change the profile lifecycle state of many candidate profiles at once.

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Ever wanted to select multiple people and then move them to a particular state? For example, after you have had a round of interviews and you have a list of people that you want to move to the admitted and declined states, there's no need to change the state of each profile one-by-one, use this feature instead!

Please note that this feature is not activated by default and needs to be activated. Please contact FULL FABRIC support if you would like to activate this feature and please specify which teams this permission should be available to.
First, go to the class where you want to change the candidates' profile lifecycle state.
Next, gather the profiles whose state you want to change by applying the necessary filter to the list. Then simply click on the "Update state and substate " option.

This will produce a pop up which allows you to select the profile lifecycle state that you would like to move the profiles to. Please note before you proceed that there is no way to undo the action!

To improve this feature moving forward we are looking to add:

  • The ability to individually search and select people in a list

  • The ability to undo the bulk update action

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