Understanding where your prospects, applicants, students and alumni come from is key to ensuring successful marketing initiatives. To that effect, FULL FABRIC allows you to track where your prospects, applicants or students are arriving from.

The source method

The source method describes the method by which the profile arrived at FULL FABRIC. This could be, for example, by having signed up directly or by having been imported by a user. The following methods are currently available:

Sign up - the profile was created following a sign up on FULL FABRIC
Staff - a staff user created the profile manually
Import - the profile was imported
Event response - the profile was created following a registration to an event
Form submission - the profile was created following a form submission
API - the profile was created via the API (where API integration is available)

The source category

The source category reflects the broad category or channel. This list is customisable and should reflect the categories used by your institution. Below are examples of common categories:

  • Website

  • Paid advertising

  • Fairs

  • Facebook

  • ...

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