FULL FABRIC supports integration with Google Tag Manager containers. Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps make tag management simple, easy and reliable by allowing users to deploy multiple tags all into one GTM container. Once your GTM container ID has been added to FULL FABRIC, then the GTM container will be fired on the relevant pages, which you can track on your Google Analytics.

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What metrics can be tracked on FULL FABRIC with a Google Tag Manager container?

The following metrics can be tracked on FULL FABRIC with GTM containers:

  • Page views;

  • Successful sign-ups;

  • Started applications;

  • Submitted applications;

  • Form landing page visits;

  • Form landing page submissions;

  • Event landing page visits;

  • Event landing page submissions.

How can I track these metrics on Google Analytics?

You can track these metrics through the relevant URL. Please see the phrases below on which you can trigger the relevant goal:

  • Page view ➝ URL of the portal page;

  • Successful sign up ➝ URL contains "verify";

  • Started application ➝ URL contains "applications" and "started";

  • Submitted application ➝ URL contains "applications" and "submitted";

  • Event landing page visit ➝ URL of event landing page;

  • Event landing page submissions ➝ URL of event landing page + URL contains "submitted";

  • Form landing page visit ➝ URL of form landing page;

  • Form landing page submissions ➝ URL of form landing page + URL contains "submitted".

How can I integrate with Google Tag Manager?

To add your Google Tag Manager container to FULL FABRIC, please contact support@fullfabric.com and share your Google Tag Manager Container ID with us so we can add it to your instance, or, if you're an Admin user, follow the instructions here to do it yourself.

LAST UPDATED: May 23, 2021 at 6:44 p.m.

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