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External payers

Allow candidates to request for others e.g. their employer or parents to pay for their fees

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Do you have candidates who have other people who are funding their studies such as their employer or their parents? If so, then read this article to learn about how you can enable external payers in Full Fabric and allow your candidates to send payment requests to external payers ๐Ÿ’ธ !

Where can candidates make external payer requests?

Candidates can currently make external payer requests for payment plan fees both from the portal and their application form. Please read the following article for enabling payment plan fees on applications.

Please note that external payer requests are not currently available on application fees but we are aiming to deliver this functionality in Q3 2024 so stay tuned!

How do candidates send external payer requests?

Once external payers feature is enabled for your instance - please see the following section on enabling external payers, then candidates will see functionality to send payment requests for payment plans from the portal and application as in the screenshots below.

Candidates managing payment requests from their payment plan on the portal

Candidates managing payment requests from the payment page on their application form

Candidates sending payment requests to payers

Candidates managing payment requests to payers

Candidate external payer payment notification email

When a candidate's external payer makes a payment then they are automatically sent a payment notification email.

How do external payers access and make payments?

Once candidates have sent an external payer request then an automated email will be sent to the external payer as below, which contains a link where they can access and make the payment.

Payment request email sent to external payer

If you would like to customise the content of the email please contact Full Fabric support with your desired changes and we will update the email accordingly.

External payer payment page

External payer expired notice

The link expires after 7 days, as a security measure. If external payers follow the link after 7 days then they will see the following notice where they can send a new email with a new link.

External payer request cancelled or invalid notice

If candidates cancel the external payment request, or if the payment link is invalid due to an error in the URL then the following notice is displayed.

How do I see external payer requests and transactions?

Staff can see external payer requests from a profile's payment plan as well as the global list of transactions from the payer column.

Profile payment plan

Global list of transactions

How can I enable external payer requests?

Please contact Full Fabric support to enable external payer requests for your instance. Please note that external payer requests will appear on all payment plan templates and it's not currently possible to restrict external payer requests to certain payment plan templates only. If you have this requirement, please contact Full Fabric support to inform us.

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