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[Beta] Conditional email substitution tags
[Beta] Conditional email substitution tags

Customise your email communication for different types of customers

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With conditional email substitution blocks you can customise the content of your emails based on the details of the profile.

Let's see a few examples below!


Dynamic Salutation based on Profile's Gender

One of the most common cases for conditional email blocks is to customise the salutation for the correct gender in particular languages, for example, in German, as displayed below:

By using the below substitution tag block, you can substitute the relevant text depending on the Profile's gender, including when the gender field of the profile is empty.

{%- case __gender -%}

{%- when "Female" -%}Sehr geehrte Frau |last_name|,

{%- when "Male" -%}Sehr geehrter Herr |last_name|,

{%- else -%}Hallo |first_name| |last_name|,

{%- endcase -%}

Dynamic Visa information based on Profile's Address Country

Another use case is to support relevant information for domestic and international students by providing different information depending on the country of their address.

{%- case __address_country -%}

{%- when "United Kingdom" -%}We look forward to welcoming you to the University of the United Kingdom!

{%- endcase -%}

Conditional email blocks

While the Conditional Email Substitution tags for dynamic content are in the beta stage, they require some effort to set up. Find below the necessary information to start using this functionality.

Default notation example

Please see the example below for the necessary notation

{%- case __field_name -%}

{%- when "field value 1" -%}Show this text when __field_name = field value 1

{%- when "field value 2" -%}Show this text when __field_name = field value 2

{%- else -%} Show this text if __field_name is something else

{%- endcase -%}

  • __field_name: replace by the Profile Info field code

  • field value 1: replace by the dropdown or checkbox value of the field name

  • field value 2: replace by the dropdown or checkbox value of the field name

  • Show this text when[...]: replace by the custom content that should be displayed when matching the given field value.

To get the data field code names you would like to use, contact the Full Fabric support team.

Please note that:

  • Using %- will remove the empty line if the value is not met

  • there is no limit in the number of {%- when "field value...} that can be added

  • else captures both empty values and all other values other than the values specified

Other conditions

It is also possible to set up other logical condition expressions. If the examples above don't meet your use case, reach out to Full Fabric support, share your use case and we'll assess the possibility to support that.

For further technical information please consult -


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PUBLISHED: April 3, 2024
LAST UPDATED: April 3, 2024 at 3:27 p.m.

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