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How can I print student transcripts?

When it comes to printing a student's transcript on the staff side, there's an option to do just that inside individual transcripts, namely the Download transcript button on the top-right corner:

When you click it, you're asked to choose a transcript template, which courses to include and the export format:

Nevertheless, you can also print transcripts in bulk inside the class overview of a given class. That's because, when a class progresses to the state IN PROGRESS, a new tab becomes available named Transcripts:

As the name suggests, the Transcripts tab presents a list of every profile in that class that has a transcript.

The column picker (the icon with three vertical bars) lets you define which columns you wish to be visible in your list – and, by extension, your export of the list, which you may download by pressing the vertical ellipsis and then Export list to CSV or Export list to Excel. In it, you may include profile fields, journey fields, transcript fields and more; however, please note that the transcript fields don't display data for each course, but rather totals and averages.

Also accessible through the vertical ellipsis, Export all transcripts produces a ZIP file containing the actual transcripts, sent to you by email:

You're given the same customization options as when downloading an individual transcript:

How can students view and print their own transcripts?

Students have their own Transcripts area where all of their transcripts are aggregated. Browsing one's transcripts is always permitted, but transcripts can only be downloaded if the operation was antecedently authorized by staff.

If you're accessing Full Fabric via a student profile and said profile has a transcript, here's how you can view it and extract a copy:

1) Click on the profile name on the bottom left-hand corner to open the profile menu

2) Press Transcripts to find that profile's collection of transcripts, separated by tabs

3) Navigate to the appropriate tab (ergo, transcript)

4) Click Download transcript on the upper right-hand corner

5) Lastly, select a transcript template and tap Download

If no template is selected and you press Download anyway, the request will fail and return an error message: Missing default template. Please provide one or choose some template on the list.

As indicated earlier, the order that the courses are displayed replicates that of the study plan: alphabetical by subject name (from A to Z) or chronological by earliest course start date (from January to December). Sorting by subject name is the default.

The student view of a transcript doesn't necessarily have all of the same information that's on the staff view. More specifically, the transcript grade average, the transcript grade percentage and the degree class aren't displayed by default on the student view, only the final grade for each course, though they're always displayed on the staff view. It's on managerial staff to decide whether or not to share these with students. If you'd like to, drop us a line and we'll turn their visibility on.


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