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Form integrations with Zapier
Form integrations with Zapier
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Full Fabric supports integration through Zapier, a low-code integration platform that allows you to connect other tools and systems with Full Fabric. Please read on to learn what to expect and what to take into consideration. 😉

Full Fabric currently supports form integrations using Zapier. If you would like to connect a lead generation 3rd-party form, a chatbot or a contact us form from your website, you can use this method of integration. You can also check our other form integration options here.

To configure and set up an integration between Full Fabric and another form using Zapier, it's necessary that your institution has a free or licensed Zapier account.

Connecting your Zapier account to Full Fabric

Once you've created or logged in to your existing Zapier account, you can connect it to Full Fabric using the below invitation link:

You will need to accept the invite and provide your integration credentials.

If you still don't have these, please reach out to or to your named Customer Success Manager for support.

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Note: please note that you will also need similar credentials from the other tool/system you're connecting to Full Fabric.

Creating a new Zap

Once you accept the invite and confirm your credentials, you can start building Zap connections with Full Fabric.

Building a Full Fabric form to receive your data

First, you will need to have a form in Full Fabric, to which you will receive your data.

Log in to your Full Fabric account and access Apps > Forms. Here, you will need to create an exact replica of the data fields you wish to receive through Zapier.

Keep in mind that first name, last name and email address are always required fields. Once you've created the same data fields in Full Fabric, you can now head back to Zapier to move forward with the connection.

Setting up your Zap

On your Zapier Dashboard click on Zaps and Create a new Zap.

Start by giving your new Zap a name on the top left corner, then, search for the app you would like to connect to Full Fabric such as, Keystone, Unibuddy, etc.

Don’t forget to select the trigger event: this is the action on your app (connecting system) that will send the data to Full Fabric.

Click on Continue. When you click on Continue, you will be asked to log in to your app.

Different apps ask for different type of credentials:

  • Keystone asks for an API key

  • ask for an ID and password

You should contact your Account Manager to get the relevant details.

After connecting to the app, test your trigger to see how information will be passed from your app to Full Fabric.

On the second trigger field, search for Full Fabric and choose the latest version (1.5.0+)

  1. Set the Action Event as Create Form Submission and click Continue

  2. Set up the action by searching for a Full Fabric form you would like to send your zap submissions to. This will be the form that you created in Full Fabric previously.

If you haven't created a form yet, go back to your Full Fabric account and create one.

When a form is selected, the Full Fabric form fields will be automatically displayed so you can map the information between both platforms – don’t forget that all required fields need to be mapped in order to transfer the information correctly.

If your institution has Policies set up in Full Fabric, you should also define the values that should be input.

Once you map all the fields, test the integration to confirm all data is being sent to the right fields.

As you trigger the test, you can view the submission in Full Fabric under Apps > Forms > and the submissions page of the form you’ve just connected to.

Set your Zap live

You're now ready to set the Zap connection live. Click Turn on Zap so your integration with Full Fabric begins!

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PUBLISHED: November 22, 2023
LAST UPDATED: November 22, 2023 at 9:13 a.m.

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