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Staff evaluation permissions
Staff evaluation permissions

Define the different permissions that different staff roles have for accessing evaluations

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Like other areas in Full Fabric it's possible for your institution to define different levels of access for different staff roles for evaluations.

For any given staff role it's possible to toggle the following permissions for the role:


Description + Use case

View evaluations

Gives staff a read-only view of evaluations within their access.

Edit evaluations

Gives staff the ability to edit evaluations within their access.

Access to only evaluations assigned to themself or all evaluations (NEW πŸŽ‰!)


  • Staff can only see evaluations assigned to themselves

  • Staff can see all evaluations. Please note if staff have access to edit evaluations then they will be able to edit any team evaluations and individual evaluations assigned to themselves, but they will only be able to view but not edit individual evaluations that are not assigned to them.

Export lists of evaluations

Gives staff the ability to export list of evaluations to CSV or Excel

Manage evaluation templates

Gives staff access to create, edit and delete evaluation templates

If you would like to change the permissions to any staff role please contact Full Fabric support and we can apply the permission changes to the relevant roles for you.

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