Course assignments

Create individual or group assignments for your students to submit by a deadline.

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If you have coursework which students need to submit then handle it all with Full Fabric's assignments!

With Full Fabric assignments:

  • Staff can create individual or group assignments with descriptions, resource files, automatic available from date, and deadlines

  • Students can upload files and submit assignments

  • Staff can monitor and filter assignment submission status

  • Staff can export assignments in bulk

  • Staff can extend deadlines for specific students and unsubmit student assignments so they can re-submit

Viewing and creating assignments

To view assignments as staff or students simply go to the assignments tab of a course. If you do not have access to this then please contact Full Fabric support to activate assignments for you.

To create an assignment click on the "Add new assignment" button.

Assignment details

Please find a description of assignment details below:

  • Available from - students will not be able to access the assignment before this time

  • Deadline - time by which the students should submit the assignment. Students will still be able to submit the assignment after the deadline has passed but it will be marked as late.

  • Prerequisite - instructions for students for any material they should read or actions they should take in advance of starting the assignment.

  • Description - a description of the assignment.

  • Resources - any files or links that students will need to access in order to complete the assignment.

Assignment groups

For group assignments you can create groups and drag and drop students into groups.

Student assignment submission

Students can upload as many files for assignments as they want and the submit their assignment when they are ready.

For group assignments, any student in the group can upload files which will be visible to all students in the group and then any student in the group can submit the group assignment.

Once an assignment is submitted, students will not be able to upload more files or unsubmit it.

Staff reviewing student assignments

Staff can filter by assignment submission status and export submissions in bulk from the list of submissions.

Staff extending a student's deadline and unsubmitting their assignment for re-submission

Staff can extend a specific student's assignment deadline by clicking on the date icon next to unsubmitted assignments.

Staff can unsubmit a specific student's assignment by clicking on the unsubmit icon which will then allow students to access their assignment again and upload and/or delete files and resubmit.

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