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Viewing a candidate's course registrations on their transcript
Viewing a candidate's course registrations on their transcript

As a staff see what courses a candidate has registered for

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What is a profile transcript?

The profile transcript is the record of what the student has studied, is studying and will study in the future. It contains the information of the courses that the student has registered for so far, and what they can register for in the future.

Where can I find profile transcripts?

You can find profile transcripts in the class journey section of the relevant class journey in the profile page.

When is a transcript created?

A transcript is created when a candidate submits their initial application with the subjects tab. Please see the example of an application and the transcript created based on it below.


Transcript created on application submission

The registered/ conditionally registered courses on their transcript will consist of the courses that they selected on their application.

The unregistered courses on their transcript will consist of the remaining courses on their class study plan which they did not select.

What is the purpose of the conditionally registered state?

The conditionally registered state allows you to indicate that the student is conditionally registered for the course for example depending on capacity or them meeting certain academic requirements.

If you have this in your process then you can manually view each transcript and move the students to registered state for the relevant courses if they are accepted and move them to unregistered if they are rejected. If you would like to enable this state then please contact Full Fabric support.

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