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Reviewing and submitting evaluations
Reviewing and submitting evaluations

Learn about how to see a list of evaluations, and how evaluators can complete their evaluations

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Reviewing the list of evaluations

To see the list of evaluations for a particular evaluation template open the navigation sidebar.

From the list of evaluations, you can see all evaluations for that evaluation template, filter, export, assign and visit evaluations.

Evaluators can easily view their list of evaluations assigned to them with the "My Evaluations" tab and then they can filter by started evaluations and visit the evaluations they still need to submit.

Please note that when evaluations are created they will be set as the "Started" state.

Completing and submitting evaluations

When evaluators navigate to the evaluation, they will see the evaluation side-by-side with the application PDF and they can review the application and complete the evaluation form at the same time.

It is also possible for evaluators to easily navigate between viewing the application PDF and files uploaded to the application, with the option of listening to audio recordings and watching videos.

Once the evaluator has completed their evaluation they can submit their evaluation. The evaluation submission will be blocked if there are any missing required fields,

Once the evaluation is submitted, the evaluation will be locked for editing. The evaluation can be unsubmitted at any time and re-opened for editing and submitted again.

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