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How students can view and manage their payment plans
How students can view and manage their payment plans

Discover the student-facing interface of a payment plan

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If a student is to have a payment plan, they need an area where they can get the complete picture of their financial situation and take action as necessary, as simply and easily as possible. 💸 Full Fabric has created such an area, which we're introducing here. 😃

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How can students access their payment plans?

Students can view a list of their payment plans through the Payments page, which is unlocked to them upon a payment plan being published by staff. Provided that students have at least one published payment plan, Payments will then be one of the inbuilt tabs available from the profile name menu, as demonstrated below:

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The Payments page

The Payments page is an overview of a student's payment plans, where they can view their fees and make payments:

On the left, the payment plans are displayed in detail, each as a separate table featuring the respective list of fees (ordered by due date) and most important details (namely Description and Amount). Clicking the arrow at the end lets students take a closer look at the fee details:

Here, so long as your school is integrated with Flywire, students have the chance to easily execute the payment by clicking Pay with Flywire. 🤑 The way it works is very similar to paying an application fee via Flywire, so please read this article if you're interested in reading about the payment process.

Moving on to the table on the right, it consists of a reminder of the next due payment to help students stay on top of their financial obligations. For added convenience, it also acts as a shortcut to fulfill the transaction or see the fee details by clicking Pay now or See details:

As you can see, this is an extremely pleasant and user-friendly interface, but to fully convey just how beautifully and smoothly it runs, we also prepared a quick video tour:


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PUBLISHED: October 29, 2021
LAST UPDATED: January 3, 2021 at 9:29 a.m.

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