FULL FABRIC is switching from using SendGrid to using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its email provider for improved email deliverability.

In order to start using AWS, the following set up is required which gives AWS permission to send emails on behalf of your domain.

Setting up AWS as an email gateway

Your IT department needs to add records to your institution's domain's Domain Name System (DNS) server in order to give AWS permission to send behalf on your domain e.g. business-school.eu.

Please find an example of the DNS records below. Please ask FULL FABRIC support to provide you with the specific records that are needed for your FULL FABRIC instance which can then be passed to your IT department. Please note that these records need to be added by your IT department within 48 hours of the records being created by FULL FABRIC support.

Once your IT department has added these records to your institution's DNS server, then they will be automatically verified, and AWS will have permission to send emails on your behalf.

Please also inform FF support of the default sender name e.g. "No-reply Business School" and default sender email address e.g. "no-reply@business-school.eu" that you would like to use for your system emails e.g. sign up emails.

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