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What type of event can be created in FULL FABRIC?
What type of event can be created in FULL FABRIC?

Clear your doubts about the applicability of the Events module

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"Two's company, three's a crowd" – we certainly concur, but not for the reason you might think. People in groups are hard to manage, yo! 😩 They're busy, overburdened and need things simple – same as you, in fact! So why don't you do yourselves a favour and use FULL FABRIC's event management module?

Likewise, if you're only conjuring images of big-scale affairs such as conferences, do yourself a second favour and rethink your notion of events. The Collins Dictionary defines the word “event” as “a planned and organised occasion”: no mention of hordes, grandeur or fanfare, because events can be any size, style or type. So, put simply, milk our module for all it's worth! 🤠🥛

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Why should I adopt an online event management system?

In short, because even a smattering of people can be quite a handful. 👐  Whether a big or small occasion, there are a number of steps involved in preparing an event: collecting registrations, setting the event capacity, sending participation certificates, issuing reminders, checking people in… All of which can be done better and faster using technology. Just think: with the right tool, sign-up pages can obliterate email traffic, overcrowding is automatically curtailed, certificates and other documents are sent in bulk, reminders are instantly fired up when due, attendance is quickly marked through QR codes – and, on top of it, you get to keep a record of the aforementioned data in a single interface! What's not to love? 😍

When should I create an event landing page?

This is another facet of the same question. The reality is, putting up a registration form online cuts down endless back-and-forth emails, captures user data to perfection and has the potential to give greater visibility to your event. The value of that can't be stated enough, because although it's just a sliver of the full scope of Events' functions (as seen above), it's also the most universally applicable benefit across events of different dimensions and the one that will bring you immediate gratification.

Thus, to answer your question, you should consider using Events any time you set out to do something with a group of people, because its trademark feature alone is tremendously helpful. And then, as complexity increases, so can you add more functionality to the plate. It's your buffet, foodie! 🍽 

Motto: don't underestimate small numbers. A single pesky prawn can make you choke. 🍤☠️☠️

Use cases

It's been alluded to that the Events module lends itself to a variety of scenarios, but here are some of our top suggestions:

Group mentoring sessions

Studies link mentorship to greater academic performance. 🧠  By promoting the contact between alumni who became successful in their professional activity and current students, you provide the latter with a window into the professional world, thereby promoting the development of academic and life skills that will transfer to the real world. And while one-to-one mentoring is terrific, group mentoring is an excellent strategy to reach more mentees with fewer mentors (particularly if you have a small pool of mentors). With the chance to give students a leg up in advancing their careers, do contemplate group mentoring! 🏆

Open days

Applying for universities isn’t much different from going shopping. And what do you do when you’re the product? You sell yourself! 💎  Open days are a great way to show off your school and campus environment and foster interaction between prospective students and faculty through workshops, practical classes, taster courses and other activities. Open your arms and you shall be rewarded with applications!

Higher education fairs and other external events

Still in the spirit of growing your brand, higher education fairs, exhibitions and the likes are also a great way to generate leads to subsequently explore. 🎪 Youths and parents are attracted to this sort of thing because it gives them easy access to a multitude of universities in one place, where they can have in-depth chats with admissions officers and other representatives face to face, attend seminars and presentations, and pick up as many prospectuses as they want. 🗣💬 It's a deep, rich experience that often acts as the precursor to more targeted research. Despite not running the event, you can migrate its respective information to FULL FABRIC in order to further pursue the leads you gathered there and keep an appropriate track record of data points such as lead category.

Entrepreneurship events

Schools should aim to educate leaders, not just skilled workers, and that includes entrepreneurs. ⚡️ Now, think about it: to be an entrepreneur, people need to innovate; and to innovate, people need (at the bare minimum) inspiration, connections, knowledge about the current trends and opportunities within the industry in which they want to operate, and knowledge about how to communicate the value of their product or service. When it comes to students and alumni, you’re in a privileged position to use your influence to continuously shape the minds of those interested in entrepreneurship by holding events to promote the exchange of ideas and business experience, attract bigwig guests (even top talent from your school), give visibility to startups and create a network of professionals. 📇  Use your powers for the good of the people! 😉

The possibilities are so vast that this could be easily a topic of its own, but we aim only to inspire and get your creative juices flowing. Having read enough about the merits of the Events module, proceed down the chain of articles to find a collection of technical how-to guides!

PUBLISHED: February 18, 2020
LAST UPDATED: May 31, 2021 at 8:20 a.m.

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