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An overview of how using our event management system can greatly help staff and leave a sensational lasting impression on participants

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As an attendee, what do you remember from an EXCELLENT event? You remember the speakers, the delicious food, the exciting new people you met, the knowledge you gained. And you remember that "it just worked".❗️You may not be able to pinpoint what exactly promoted the event from "great" to "excellent" in your consciousness – the reminders leading up to it, how easy it was to find your QR code and scan it to check in, or the myriad of other small but powerful pleasantries that made the experience smooth and seamless –, but you'll remember how you felt: looked after, comfortable, contented, glad to be there. Outstanding customer service is invisible when done right, but it echoes in the spirit. 😌💗

That's the essence of event management, and we have just the tool for it: our Events module, one of the best friends your staff can have!

With it, you can:

  • Increase event awareness, attendance and tracking

  • Facilitate and homogenise communication with registrants and personnel

  • Set up automations to do more in less time

  • Build a sophisticated landing page to collect event registrations with barely no effort at all

  • Export guest list data into Excel or as a CSV file

And much more!

Keep reading to learn how Events is equipped to support you in delivering a meaningful experience and also have a better time yourself managing data and processes! ☄️ 

PUBLISHED: February 18, 2020
LAST UPDATED: May 31, 2021 at 8:18 a.m.

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