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Why you need to automate FULL FABRIC right now
Why you need to automate FULL FABRIC right now

The importance of automating your work

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Look: "automatic" rhymes with "fantastic". What else is left to say? 😏 Actually, plenty, so get ready to learn about the single most important factor in creating a high-performing work environment. ⚡️⚡️ And yeah, there’s some hyperbole in that assessment, but not much. 😎

What’s an automation?

Automations can take many forms, but in FULL FABRIC’s case, it’s about offering workflow automation: a series of steps that use rule-based logic to execute repetitive tasks autonomously and without the need for continuous human supervision. 👷‍♀️ At the macro level, system-wide automation is a process of integrating and optimising everyday business operations to reduce the time and resources required to complete them. 🦅 The production cycle as a whole is shortened, expedited and streamlined.

In turn, this improves personnel workload by liberating staff from dull manual undertakings to higher-level tasks such as strategic planning and decision-making, leveraging their individual talents and insights. Ultimately, response times are quickened, quality output becomes consistent, customer satisfaction rises and revenue grows.

In short: there is everything to gain and nothing to lose by automating your instance!

Here are some examples

➜  An applicant submits an application and a selected group of staff members is automatically notified of the fact.

This is a classic workflow automation. Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • It involves using a custom, reusable email template that’s always ready to go;

  • It’s a reoccurring, menial enterprise;

  • Outperforms manual data processing in immediacy and reliability;

  • Removes human error.

➜  A profile is changed to student::enrolled and a payment plan is automatically created.

This is called being one step ahead!

  • It short-cuts your work;

  • It’s also repetitive;

  • Saves time;

  • Successfully sets goals and ties directly into profitability. 

➜  Upon registering for an event, send registrants an Event Program Booklet.

  • Increases visibility;

  • Gives real-time access to important information;

  • Effortlessly fosters engagement and happiness with recipients;

  • It’s also a frequent action that uses a reusable email template.

There’s a magnitude of automations across the entire portal that would phenomenally simplify your digital life while boosting efficiency, and we want you to join in! Most notably, you can create automations for classes, application forms, events and forms, so that's a lot of uncharted territory to conquer and develop! To learn more about the different types of automations you can do and identify the most beneficial tasks for your school to automate, get in touch with us — we’ll lend you our tried and tested tactics for a sure upswing in productivity! ✨🏄🏿‍♂️✨


PUBLISHED: October 15, 2019
LAST UPDATED: October 15, 2019 at 4:31 p.m.

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