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An overview of how you can record student payments with FULL FABRIC and why you should do it

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Hey, can you quickly tell if you've been paid? Do you currently use an outside program or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of payment plans? Is scattered information and endless back-and-forth between teams dragging down school processes?

If your school offers payment plans to help make paying tuition fees manageable and comfortable for students, then surely you should be able to store, update and retrieve your data just as easily!

As such, we're glad to introduce the ability to record payment plans on FULL FABRIC. With us you can:

  • Capture a student's payment plan

  • Log the payments that a student has made

  • Check which students have overdue payments

  • View all transactions recorded by staff

This means that for staff members John Doe, Anne Stiles or whomever there's only one place to go regarding student finances. This will save them precious time, avoid crucial information from being lost or mixed up in transition from multiple systems or communication channels, and ensure that everyone is equally up to speed.

Moreover, because we work hard to provide a user-friendly and streamlined service and customer experience, handling payment plans and transactions is as easy as it gets here. Take a look:

Quickly create payment plan templates and payment instalments. All you need to do is name the plan and the associated instalments, set up the amount and the currency, and lastly choose a due date. You can always go back and edit an existing template.

Go to a profile, add one of the existing templates, select which programme and class it applies to, and write in a name to identify that student's specific payment plan. Use as is or make individual edits for a student.

As a student makes a transaction against an instalment agreement, accurately record it to deduct the sum from the total amount owed and document which payments have been made and when. This will automatically calculate if payments are on track or overdue.

FULL FABRIC will bring to your attention what's the state of a student's payment plan and its' respective instalments. For maximum reach, this will also be displayed on the profile sidebar.


PUBLISHED: August 21, 2018
LAST UPDATED: August 21, 2018 at 2:19 p.m.

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