Permission pass campaigns

Sending a campaign to candidates, who have not given their consent, to receive their permission to process their data

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If you have personal data in your instance but you do not have permission to process that data, you may choose to create and dispatch a permission pass campaign giving your audience the option to accept your privacy policy and to opt-in to any marketing communications.

Setting up a permission pass campaign

A permission pass campaign is just a regular email campaign with specific content asking individuals for permission. The content should be simple and to the point.

You can include the link that appears in the email footer, where email recipients can manage their marketing preferences, in a button in your email by adding the following text to your button:


You can create an audience for your campaign by using the segment rules related to your policies such as the "Has not responded to marketing policy" and "Has not responded to the privacy policy".
Once your audience clicks on the link to manage their marketing preferences they will be asked to accept your privacy policy as shown below if they haven't already.

If they do not accept the privacy policy they will be informed that they need to contact you to delete their data.

If they accept your privacy policy, they will be asked to choose their marketing preferences as shown below:

Note that the text on each policy is customisable to your needs. For more information and for help on how to set up a permission pass campaign please start a chat or reach out to

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