Marketing and the GDPR

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The GDPR has specific rules about enabling your users to specify exactly what they want to receive from you. This makes total sense from a business perspective. Don’t market to contacts that don’t want to hear from you, and make sure the ones that do get to choose what they want. In practice this will lead to fewer unsubscribes and better deliverability.

To that effect, FULL FABRIC introduces the concept of a marketing policy, associated with your users' preferences around how they want to be reached.

What is a marketing policy?

In order to contact individuals for marketing purposes under the GDPR, it is necessary for them to opt-in to receive these communications. Your marketing policy is a statement of the type of content you may send to your data subjects and it gives them an opportunity to opt-in to receiving these communications through specific channels of their choice. 

When a user first signs up to FULL FABRIC they will not have accepted your marketing policy or set their preferences, and you will therefore be unable to receive campaigns. They will still receive one-to-one emails or transactional emails as a result of their activity on the platform. An example of this would be an application submission confirmation email.

Users on the platform before your marketing policy was in place

Users who signed up before your marketing policy was published need to be contacted and asked for consent. We are in touch with your organisation's point of contact to ensure that these candidates are contacted so they can accept your marketing policy or unsubscribe.

Registered users

The first time a user logs in they will receive a prompt displaying the text of your marketing policy and checkbox options that allow them to opt-out or opt-in to receiving marketing communications via specific channels.

Users are informed of the source and date of their consent in the footer of emails sent through a campaign.

Ability for users to update their marketing preferences

Candidates can update their initially chosen marketing preferences by clicking the marketing preferences link in the footer of emails sent through a campaign.

Candidates can also update their initially chosen marketing preferences from the portal settings at any time.

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