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Setting up a custom web address
Setting up a custom web address

How to set up a custom web address for your portal

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Your FULL FABRIC URL has two parts: a subdomain name you chose when you set up your account, followed by (for example: This is the canonical name and will always exist.

You also have the option to point other domains at the service (e.g or In order to achieve this, you will need to create a CNAME record in the DNS zone for the desired domain (in this case to point to the address below:

The following table illustrates a DNS zone for and the newly added CNAME record:

NAME            TYPE   VALUE
-------------------------------------------------------------------------        A  CNAME

Once this CNAME record is active, we can set up your instance to respond to this new domain. We will also require a digital certificate to ensure the service is accessed via SSL/TLS.

Unified communications certificate managed by FF

FF will issue and manage the certificate for a specific host on your domain - e.g We will require prior approval in order to issue a certificate for your domain - an authorisation request will be sent to the domain registrant via email. Once authorisation has been given, FF will issue the certificate and configure your instance.

This service is included at no extra cost.

Custom certificate managed by you

In circumstances where you would rather issue your own certificate, we are happy to set up the required infrastructure - specifically a dedicated load balancer. This incurs extra costs but gives you more control. For more information, please get in touch with your Implementation Specialist.

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