Transactional emails include account management activation emails such as sign up emails or password reset emails, event reminders, reference requests, or one-to-one emails sent to specific people.


By default FULL FABRIC uses SendGrid as the SMTP gateway for all transactional emails. All transactional emails originate from one of several subdomains, e.g.


It is recommended that you set up FULL FABRIC to use an SMTP configured to dispatch emails from your own domain. This could be your existing SMTP server or another SMTP gateway or relay server.

Let's look at an example. Let's say your website can be found at and that your email addresses take the form of Your FULL FABRIC instance might be set up at In this case you would want all emails dispatched from FULL FABRIC to be dispatched from a subdomain.

Setting up a system-wide SMTP account

A generic account is typically used to send system emails. A good example would be the sign up welcome email.

To set up your generic account please contact our client success team.

Setting up a user-specific SMTP account

User-specific SMTP accounts allow users to have their FULL FABRIC emails dispatched using their regular email account. This way all dispatched emails will not only be in FULL FABRIC, but also in the Sent or Outbox folder of their email accounts.

To set up your user-specific SMTP account visit your profile settings page - Settings > SMTP - and fill in the required details.

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