You can use "Standard ecommerce" reports in Google Analytics (GA) with data from FULL FABRIC applications. Please note it is not currently possible to set up "Enhanced ecommerce" reports with FULL FABRIC data.

If you haven't already then please see the following article on using and setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM) -

To send e-commerce data from FULL FABRIC applications to GTM, you simply need to activate the setting below on the details tab of application templates for which you would like to send e-commerce data.

The rest of the set up just needs to be done on your GTM and your GA.

Please see the following Google articles:

Please find a screenshot below of the GTM in preview mode on a FULL FABRIC application, where you can see the FULL FABRIC application data being sent to the GTM data layer.

Please find a list of the Google variables and the description of the FULL FABRIC data that populates each variable below.

Transaction data

These variables are for the application as a whole.

transactionId = FULL FABRIC application id - unique for each application for each applicant
transactionAffiliation = Empty
transactionTotal = The sum of prices of all of the products that are selected in the programme choice field on the application
transactionShipping = Empty
transactionTax = Empty
transactionProducts = The names of all of the products that are selected in the programme choice field on the application

Product Data

These variables are for each product selected on the programme choice field. 

name = The name of the product (programme name - class name/ subject name - course name)
sku = The external id of the class/course
category = The theme of the programme/subject
price = The price amount of the class/course (this does not include currency, Google does not have a variable for the currency)
quantity = This is always 1 since a given class/course can only be selected once

If you would like to populate information such as the external ids, themes or prices please contact

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