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Refining familiar concepts: what are subjects and courses?

As you may already know, we have recently renamed courses to subjects and units to courses. Where FULL FABRIC is concerned, this change was designed to better reflect and flesh out the dynamics and structural intricacies of the many forms of study schools can offer, ultimately making for a more logical and integrated system. The full scope of this will become clearer in time, with future releases (stay tuned! 😁), but what matters right now is that subjects and courses mean the same as before. 👌

In case you need a recap: subjects are small areas of study (e.g., "Advanced Strategy") that can be taken independently or be one of the many areas of study within a programme (for instance, a BSc in Mathematics could have such subjects as "Calculus", "Probability and Statistics", etc.). In turn, courses are the intakes of a subject; to be more explicit, the delivery of a subject in a particular timeframe spanning a few weeks. Voilà! 💫

Define course dates and names from the calendar

On the topic of courses, creating them is now easier and faster than ever! Just go on the calendar, add a new entry to it, click Create a new course and then fill in the details. That way, you get to multitask by creating the course at the same time that you create a session! Talk about efficiency! 😃 Here's a demo:

The same fields are also available in the Details tab of a course, by the way:

Setting the Course starts on and Course ends on dates isn't required, but certainly advisable – likewise for appointing a Course name (which, if left blank, is populated with the start date by default). Earlier in the article we established how a course is essentially an intake defined by its time span, meaning that the same subject can have multiple courses, either running concurrently or successively. In view of this, stating the dates and giving out names lets everyone quickly tell the courses apart and identify what they're for. So much, in fact, that these details have been put in a prominent place, which brings us to the next point:

See full course name on the calendar

Up until now, the course name displayed on the sidebar of the Core calendar was simply comprised of the subject code and the subject name, like so:

But now, in addition, you'll also see the custom course name and the course start and end dates:

Not only that, but when you open a course page (e.g., Details, Syllabus, Sessions, etc.), the full course name is always visible on top! 🤩 Have a look:

This will help you differentiate between courses for the same subject by showing all of the relevant info at all times – and it's especially helpful to students, who, prior to this, had no visibility whatsoever into the dates. 🙈 As such, be sure to define them and take full advantage of the aforementioned improvements! 💪⚡️ 


Anyway, that's it for now, folks, but the best is yet to come! 😎 Full "look" out soon!

PUBLISHED: December 16, 2019
LAST UPDATED: December 16, 2019 at 9:53 a.m.

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