Are you new to FULL FABRIC? It’s a brand new world out here and you might be feeling a little disorientated. Haven’t we all been there! 😝 But as the adages say, start from the beginning, and start slow! Don’t try jumping over the fence when you could enter through the gate. 🏃‍♂️

As such, to open the gate into FULL FABRIC, this and the following article tell you all about access: firstly, how to sign up and sign in as a staff user and as a prospect, and secondly, how to solve access-related issues like password recovery.

How to sign up/in as an applicant, student or alumnus

Every school has a unique FULL FABRIC URL and yours is no exception. If you don’t know the address, ask a teammate or a member of our Support Team and hit it up. Why, you ask? Because log in issues are among the most common questions of concern to applicants and the likes – and yet fairly easy to resolve once you get the hang of it –, and also because, if you’re a power user, it’s highly likely that you’ll benefit from having a test user to view the portal from the perspective of a candidate, student or alumnus. 👨‍🎓

Moving on, there are two ways to sign up: manually or through LinkedIn. They’re both easy, but when a user creates a new profile via LinkedIn, this links both accounts to automatically populate the profile Experience tab (the area where a person’s professional and academic experience is recorded), pull the latest professional experience to all future application forms, and, if your school has the Industry module, insert all previous and current employers in the list of Organisations to feature that user as part of their Community (a directory made up of the users on our portal who published their professional experience and the companies they identified as having worked for). 🏢 It’s possible to unlink LinkedIn at a later date, but this will also delete whatever data originated from the LinkedIn account.

How to manually sign up and activate the account

     1) Once in the homepage, click Create an account at the bottom

     2) Insert your details: First name, Last name, Email address and Password (which must be six-characters long and contain at least one letter and one digit)
     3) Tap Sign up, then check I accept the privacy policy and click Continue 

You should now see the success message below:

Next you’ll be sent a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Activation links are valid for one hour, after which the token expires, so click the link within an hour’s time to activate your account. After this you’ll be able to access the portal just like an applicant does! 🎉

Any attempts to log in before activating your account will be futile, as shown here:

How to sign up using LinkedIn

     1) Once in the homepage, click Create an account at the bottom
Click the button with the LinkedIn logo

     3) If you’re not already logged to LinkedIn, you’ll be asked to insert your LinkedIn associated Email address and Password and press Sign In, but otherwise you won’t have this step
     4) Under Almost there, review your First name, Last name and Email as transferred from LinkedIn and edit as pleased, and finally click Create new account
     5) Check I accept the privacy policy and tap Continue 

Signing up with LinkedIn activates your account from the outset, therefore you won’t need to bother with an activation email. 🙃

Is it possible to sign in with LinkedIn after a manual register? 

Yes, but firstly you need to link your existing FULL FABRIC profile with your LinkedIn account. 

     1) Once in the homepage, click the LinkedIn logo beneath Or use your social account
     2) If you’re not already logged to LinkedIn, you’ll be asked to insert your LinkedIn associated Email address and Password and press Sign In
     3) Back in the homepage, scroll down to or link an existing account and introduce the Email and Password you originally chose for your FF profile, and lastly hit the button Link existing account

You’re done! The beauty of this is that henceforth you can both sign in traditionally or via LinkedIn (more on that ahead). 🤩

How to manually sign in 

     1) Once in the homepage, input your FULL FABRIC associated Email address and Password right under Welcome
     2) Click Log in

How to sign in by LinkedIn

     1) Once in the homepage, click the button with the LinkedIn logo
     2) There's no second step – it' that easy! 😆

How else can a non-staff a.k.a. prospect profile be created? 

Staff has the ability to create profiles by doing imports (e.g., when importing leads), or by using the Create a profile tool. The latter is available by clicking the plus button on the right upper corner of the portal and following the on-screen instructions.

Applicants can also create profiles as a side effect of submitting a form (such as a brochure request) or an event registration. 🎪

In any case, this is not to be confused with actually joining FULL FABRIC, as no login credentials are defined in the course of the forenamed processes. Thus, an account must be created as if no profile existed, which means going to the homepage and registering by the usual procedures. So long as the email addresses are a match, the system will recognise the person and add the person to their existing profile instead of creating a new one. 

However, if a different email address is used, this will lead to a duplicate account, which is a major no-no! ☠️ If you detect duplicate profiles (or just want to know more about them), please refer to this article.

How to sign up/in as staff

Unlike with applicants, students and alumni, the way staff users work is that they're created anew by FULL FABRIC. To be more specific, the process is always that FULL FABRIC create the new user in a dedicated staff area and then send him or her an invitation to join. Hence, what you should do is write to our Support team with the following data: first name, last name, email address and team (e.g.: Admissions, IT, Management, Marketing, and so on), and expect an email invitation from us with an activation link that’s valid for 48 hours. Once you activate the user, just log in from the homepage to be presented with the staff view. 💁‍♀️

About teams, these determine the staff roles in FF, namely the set of permissions that a group of users should be granted as dictated by their positions in order to successfully perform their job-related duties, while not having access to unnecessary or even confidential resources. 🤫 By telling us what team you or a co-worker belong to, we’ll be able to figure out the appropriate role for you or said co-worker within the portal. 

A common mistake is to create a regular prospect account in the absence of a staff one under the assumption that it can be upgraded. We totally understand the excitement of getting one's feet wet 😃 but it's not possible to elevate a prospect to staff. ☹️ Consequently we’ll have to delete the prospect account to make space for the staff one (since the portal doesn't allow for duplicate e-mails), or just change the prospect email address to another of your choosing (if you want to keep the non-staff account as a test user).


PUBLISHED: January 7, 2019
LAST UPDATED: January 15, 2019 at 1:38 p.m.

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