Once you've got your templates all ready to go the next step is to put them to good use!

Not only can and should you apply them to relevant profiles, but following that process you can also edit a student's payment plan to make individual changes, like in the event of a unique scholarship.

So let's get to business!

How to create a student payment plan

     a) For starters, enter a student profile
     b) Click the tab Financials and then Payment plans
     c) Click the button Add plan
     d) Fill in the fields:

PROGRAMME AND CLASS — Select for which programme and class the payment plan is meant for.
— Select which pre-created payment plan template is right for the student.
— Write a name of your own choosing to specifically identify that student's payment plan.

     e) Lastly, click Create plan

This will automatically migrate the setup of the template to the student's newly created payment plan, including sums and due dates. If no changes are required just leave as is and you're done! 😉 However, it's perfectly possible to edit the details if need be: for instance, extend a deadline, alter an amount, etc. Keep on reading to learn the ins and outs of browsing and editing a student payment plan!

Browse and customise a student payment plan

When accounting for a student payment plan there are several areas to keep track of. If you're continuing right from the previous section, you should now find yourself inside the plan's Payments tab, to which staff is automatically redirected upon creation of a plan. But supposing you quit, just go back to the profile Financials tab, which takes you to the student's payment plans, and follow the arrows to navigate as intended:

Here is a brief description of each area and tab and where to make edits:


PUBLISHED: August 21, 2018
LAST UPDATED: August 21, 2018 at 12:02 a.m.

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