FULL FABRIC supports integration with LinkedIn. There are different use cases for this integration. For example, you can allow new users to sign in with LinkedIn. You can also ask applicants to populate the experience section on their application with LinkedIn data.

In order to integrate with LinkedIn you must set up a LinkedIn application for your school, if you do not already have one, and then provide your LinkedIn application's details to FULL FABRIC support.

Set up

Please first contact your internal IT team or the relevant person to check whether you already have a LinkedIn application. If you have a LinkedIn application then please view the final step at the bottom of the article.

Please note that it is only possible to retrieve the latest professional experience entry of a user who syncs with LinkedIn.

Creating a LinkedIn application

To create an "application" (this in the technical sense) with LinkedIn. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Follow this link - https://www.linkedin.com/developers/ - this will require you to log in to LinkedIn
  2. Click on the "create application" button
  3. Complete the form and create the application

Once you have created your application go to the OAuth 2.0 section in the Auth tab in your application and add the URLs in the format below, for both the canonical domain xxx.fullfabric.com and your custom FF domain if you have one e.g. apply.school.com.





Final step - Once you have a LinkedIn application

Once you have a LinkedIn application added then please send the LinkedIn application's Client ID and Client Secret to FULL FABRIC client success and we will activate your LinkedIn sync for you. 

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