Need to produce admission letters, application review sheets for interviews or student transcripts? Look no further than FULL FABRIC's documents!

FULL FABRIC's documents allow you to create document templates - Microsoft Word documents which contain substitution tags (Microsoft Word merge fields) for information in FULL FABRIC - which can be produced for any candidate profile.

Please find an example of a letter template and a letter for a conditional admission letter below.

Example of a Microsoft Word Document uploaded to FULL FABRIC as a Letter Template

Example of a Letter generated for a profile

What kind of document do you want to create?

If you want to create a document containing:

  • Profile information - create a letter template
  • Application and evaluation information - create an application export template
  • Transcript information - create a transcript template

How to create a document template

Creating the document template in Microsoft Word

The first step for generating document templates is creating a Microsoft Word document which contains Microsoft Word mail merge fields for information in FULL FABRIC.

Generating the list of FULL FABRIC field references to be used as Microsoft Word merge fields

To generate a list of the field references to be used as the names for the merge fields go to the "Download Field References" in "Documents".

Creating merge fields in Microsoft Word

Follow the steps below to create a Microsoft Word mail merge field and use the name in the Field References download: 

  • Insert
  • Field
  • Categories: Mail Merge
  • Field name: MergeField

Creating a field for a checkbox or multi-select drop down

By default checkbox and drop down values will be separated by commas in letters e.g. a, b, c. If you want the values to be returned on separate lines, then you need to use the format below:




where the name of the field is profile.__checkbox

Creating a prompted field

To create a field that prompts you to input text when you create the letter, like in the condition field in the screenshot below, simply type "" when creating the Mail Merge MergeField field and replace "name" with whatever you would like to name the field.

Referencing an evaluation form field in your document template

If you want to include fields from a specific evaluation template in your document template, you need to reference the overall evaluation template before and after the evaluation fields. 

In the field references file, you will find a unique collection label under the heading for each evaluation template e.g. Collection: =applic.evaluation.evaluation_a

At the start of your document, create a merge field with :each(field) after the collection label, in this example this would be applic.evaluation.evaluation_a:each(field)

You can then add merge fields, as described in this section, using any fields from across the profile, the evaluation form and the relevant application (for application exports).

At the end of the document, create a second merge field with :endEach after the collection label, in this example this would be applic.evaluation.evaluation_a:endEach

Including a profile photo 

If you currently use and upload profile images for your leads, you can include these in document templates. 

To do this insert any image and scale this to the size that you want the profile image to occupy on the document. Before and after the image create merge fields on and respectively.

Uploading the Microsoft Word document template

To upload the document template go to General settings - Documents and upload as a letter template, transcript template or application export template.

Generating documents

Now that you have created your document template you can now generate your letter, application export or transcript.

Generating a letter

  • Go to the profile
  • Click on the Letters tab
  • Click the "Create new letter" button
  • Choose the letter template
  • Choose which application form's information you want to use
  • Click the "Generate letter" button
  • Choose to download it as a Microsoft Word document or a pdf

Generating an application export

  • Go to a specific application or list of applications 
  • Click on the pdf icon that you would usually use to download an application
  • If you have set up an application export template then you will have the option to choose your template from a drop down list
  • Click the "Download as PDF" button 
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